Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Paradise Island, Bahamas.

ady for the plunge
It's that whole "no time like the present" and "Just Do It" concept stated oh-so eloquently by Hugh Laurie (makes ME want to sit up and take notice). ~:-)
Vladimir Kush
~ just jump ~ If you don't try, or lets just say, think about it too much as to prevent you from trying, you will never know. Discover along the way. It could be amazing.
Gardening is a total leap of faith for me ... despite all evidence to the contrary I am planting, tending, watching waiting ... always a teensy bit thrilled the plants have made it through another day.
What Amy says to Rory before.... You know
Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts
I dare you
Come as you are.
Acapulco, #Mexico - quebrada about trusting your partner... Tho I wonder if it's edited in.... Burr still awesome!
Rio de Janeiro
mancelovelust: “There was a 99.9999% chance she would fall into the water. Although she would have liked better odds, those were good enough. She gathered her strength, wrapped herself in courage...
Take risks, you never know how awesome it might turn out. #ComfortZone #GetFearless #FearlessAct
This water slide in Atlantis, Bahamas looks like so much fun.
If You Find Me is a good Young Adult book to read if you’re looking for a somewhat emotional story and can stomach reading about abuse.
You don't need to know the answer before you begin.
Italian Cavalry School at Tor di Quinto, 1906
this looks so fun!
0rient-express: Fox jump | by Fabrice Savary | Website.
Hmm, Leap?
ballet studio - Grand jete
Vista Fall - Pictures & Characters Art - Tomb Raider
this is my first time seeing this quite!!! I love it...I can see this on the back of my neck
A Woman who opens her heart to love you, when its already broken, is braver than any person you’ll meet. - Steven Benson
Photos of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego - Attraction Images - TripAdvisor Cali here we come!
go Lindsey!!!!
Australia’s most exclusive waterhole in Karijini National Park. Australia – the best place I’ve never been