Cinco de Mayo pinatas made from empty milk cartons. Fun craft idea

Cinco de Mayo pinatas made from empty milk cartons. Fun craft idea

lephant vignettes
ilk Carton School Bus - have some back to school fun and see how your kids will design their own school bus
Wreck diving
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fairy garden wish list ideas for April 2014.  Clockwise from upper left: Fairy house made of milk carton, glued stones, and chicken wire Gnome door glued/nailed to side of a staircase with little planters outside Miniature polymer clay pots for miniature
Okay, I wanna make these.  Cement plant pots from milk cartons as molds, then painted.  Would like to paint the bottom in turquoise or with an accent stripe...or dots... If I could make them small enough, I could like a windowsill with them.
Turn a half-gallon of milk into shoe shelves for stackable shoe storage. | 51 Insanely Easy Ways To Transform Your Everyday Things
use empty milk cartons to fill up space in large pots.. so you dont have to use as much dirt, and it isnt as heavy! @ Pin For Your Home
Genius paint holder made from a milk carton. Why didn't I think of this?
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Basic recipe from Martha Stewart for diy glycerin soap. You can add oils, etc.
Upcycled plastic crate stools-- no tutorial, but just the idea is kind of delightful.
10 Ways to Craft and Play with Recycled Materials. Bird Feeders From Plastic Lids{DIY} Chalkboard City For Hot WheelsRecycled Chalk Flower Pots For Mother's Day GiftsHow To Make Homemade Multi Colored Crayons {Great Earth Day Activity}Plastic bottle&#
Technique: how to make an easy monoprint using a stencil & Distress Inks - tutorial at One Lucky Day
Cute boxes
Cool architecture lesson idea.
When planting in large planter pots, place plastic milk jugs inside the bottom portion of your pot before filling with soil. Save on soil & save your back when you have to move the pots!
ilk Carton Well- simple machines
houses, via Flickr.
Elf on the Shelf idea - Elf decorates the milk carton
milk jug planters. herbs?
Ghost milk cartons
Traffic Light Song
Amazing Life Hacks that make life simpler – Gallon Dustpan
mommo design: RECYCLE AND PLAY
ilk Carton Bird Feeder ~ Recycled bird feeder spring kids craft
I made garden markers from milk jugs and laundry soap bottles and secured them in the ground with old wire hangers. Worked great!
ilk Jug Decorative Window Crafts | Alpha Mom
concrete tea light totems
DIY Boites Maisons par Lucille Michieli !!
cut open milk jugs and string their handles through a piece of wood to make a vertical garden.  She leaves the lids on.  You could use a bit of fabric or burlap, tied over spout, so they could drain and if you line them up one over the next, they would dr
Homemade Milk Carton Bird Feeder from Pink and Green Mama
ilk Carton Bird Feeders for Earth Day
The cafeteria lunch carton gets an adult look. dishwasher safe//
ilk carton favor boxes
beautiful butterfly sun catchers made from milk jugs and sharpies! Easy enough for kids!
Now something for those, who need some fresh #DIY gardening ideas. How about using old milk cartons to grow yoir own herb garden?
Your roommate who keeps stealing all the batteries out of everything and replacing them with rolls of Smarties: | 21 People Who Are Clearly Monsters