Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: We've used many different fine motor toys over the past 15 years. Here are 10 of our favorites for our 3 year olds!

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: We've used many different fine motor toys over the past 15 years. Here are 10 of our favorites for our 3 year olds!

Cheerio Worms - Simple Fine-Motor Skills Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Mamas Like Me
Fine motor practice with these adorable under the sea lacing cards
developing fine motor skills....important for using a pencil and scissors!
Deluxe Toddler Busy Board. (how things work...)
Snowman activities pages - snowman coloring pages
PRESCHOOL, fine motor color matching. Bet it'd work with upper and lower case letter matching too. - I could make this
Great ideas for using silly putty or therapy putty with children to develop a variety of skill building and sensory needs.
Robin counting fine motor activity busy bag
Simple wind chime to make with toddlers - produces a fairy bells sound with a slight breeze and great for developing fine motor skills as you create together
ini Fine Motor Skills Activity Tray Quick and Easy Activities With Everyday Items Sometimes Liam has a hard time focusing on an activity for very long and his interest can dwindle quickly. He is actually in need of extra fine motor work for his age. Since
Love it - kids learn to use different tools and ways to be creative with paint. Fine motor skills galore.
Fine motor skills practice.
16 rhyming caterpillars! Great for centers.
ilking a Cow - The Inspired Treehouse. A quick and easy #farm themed activity that's great for #handstrengthening too!
Tons of occupational therapy treatment ideas with reasoning.
40 fine motor skills activities for children
20 Ways Siblings Can Help with a New Baby from Still Playing School
A colorful felt magnetic counting set for little hands! Targets fine motor, one-to-one correspondence, and number recognition with fun watermelon shapes.
What a fun way to use a colander. Fine motor activity for spring at preschool.
No prep fine motor play for kids using muffin tins from And Next Comes L
Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills!
Bend a straw in half and use it as tongs for fine motor practice. Great for when you're waiting with your kids at a restaurant. This is just 1 of the 25 occupational therapist-approved fine motor activities you can do with your child, using items from
Abstract Invitation to Play: Pom-Pom Drop & Color Sorting Fun for Toddlers - would take a little preparation to collect and paint the tubes.
Counting and stacking activity to use with the Dr. Seuss book Ten Apples Up On Top! Great math and fine motor practice! Perfect for preschool Dr. Seuss theme or unit..
Fine motor art for kids - painting with marshmallows
Using Play Dough to Strengthen Fine motor skills
S is for Snow Day!  Do a dot alphabet pages...fine motor fun and alphabet recognition for your kids.
Fine motor practice and sight word work in one. Great literacy center idea.
pool noodle lacing, that you could SO adapt for SIGHT WORDS!  Make each section of the noodle a different letter and string to make varying sight words
Autism Tank: New Work Tasks
How to make (and play with) your own coloured magnetic blocks. Visit youclevermonkey to see more.
This spring tulip name puzzle is a great craft for preschoolers! Full of learning - fine motor skills and literacy skills. Such simple and meaningful learning - this site has LOTS of other name puzzle ideas too!
Sequin Apple  - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins
THE ELISE TEE WITH PATTERN- by fine motor skills
Kids Art Project - Q-Tip Star Art: A creative way for kids to paint with a q-tip. This also provides a fun fine motor experience for kids. What a fun way to paint!
Sight words...spelling?
A little 3-year-old that I know, would have a great time with those stickers, and she'll master that skill in no time!