Steven Heinemann #ceramics #pottery

Steven Heinemann #ceramics #pottery

Vintage Industrial Pottery Soap Dish Handmade
Rutile Blue  Stoneware Ceramic Pottery Serving Platter Tray. $38.00, via Etsy.
Pottery Teapot
Ceramic ● Kazonuri Hamana ● (Pacific coast, Chiba Japan) Per Sarah at Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival, try: thick slip, dry with torch, pin tool to create horizontal lines, pull out, cracks and vertical lines happen naturally
plates by suite one studi
how to make terra sigillata
Vintage Hartstone Pottery Bean/Soup pot and 6 serving bowls | MyVintagePleasures - Ceramics & Pottery on ArtFire
Shio Kusaka
Accessories: Akio Nukaga at Heath Ceramics : Remodelista
Uta Feyl #ceramics #pottery
Gary Wood #ceramics #pottery
Gertrud Vasegaard
Hans Coper  #ceramics #pottery
brian r jones studio, squat form i likey
Instructions and Tips to making a great ceramic stamp
ichael Bauermeister
French butter dish / crock / keeper hand thrown stoneware ceramic pottery
Koji Shiraya. Porcelain cake plate!!
melanie ferguson - Google Search
Inspired by Emma Stone's character Gwen Stacy in the 2012 adaptation of The Amazing Spiderman.
宮村 秀明  Hideaki Miyamura, Japan This is an idea for use of Saturation Metalic glaze, cone 6 Potter's choice
Ash Tenmoku and Nuka Glazed Yunomi Tea Cup with Unique One of a Kind Glaze finish." by shyrabbit
Beautiful Carved Pot.  The previous "pinner" didn't give the name, but this is such a pretty piece of work.  Love the "pleating."
Ceramic Pottery Porcelain tea bag holder with light Blue glaze.. $8.00, via Etsy.
Pascale Naessens  #ceramics #pottery
Japanese Ceramics
spoons by atelier stella.
Four mugs without handles | Julia Paul Pottery
Ono Hakuko - Chawan pottery Japanese. teacup
ceramics by Barry Guppy / 2010. Tree bowls. Organic, intricate negative space and a cast shadow that is lovely.
Deze mooie kiezelvaasjes zijn een combinatie van Scandinavische eenvoud en Aziatische harmonie.
Christiane Wilhelm #ceramics #pottery
^Gertrud and Otto Natzler
glaze ideas
Yumiko Kuga ... exquisite
Vanessa Quintana  The idea behind this is the shedding of skin to reveal the raw, natural state that lies within the boundaries and expectations of the traditional vase form