20 money-saving gardening tips

20 money-saving gardening tips

21 Mason Jar Ideas Mason Jar Plant Makeover In my garden, the garden stakes always fade by the time I actually have to harvest anything ... so I can't tell what kind of pepper I've planted! This fun idea is both attractive, adding light and sparkl
DIY Herb Markers
tin can lids and fork labels for the garden - super!
happens in every garden :)
Twig Plant Marker How-To  1. Gather small branches, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch around, in an easily worked but sturdy wood, such as maple.  2. With a vegetable peeler, strip a couple of inches of bark at one end, making a flat surface, and use permanent marker
One of the best ways to protect your seed packets with all the info you need to remember is to slide it over a stake and cover with a glass jar - plus it's weatherproof!
DIY wine cork garden markers I need more corks to make these...guess that just means I'll have to drink more wine! Hay-o!
Stamped Spoons | 26 DIY Plant Markers For Your Springtime Garden
mark your garden rows with hand-painted rock labels. won't blow away, won't fade...love this idea!
Even if you dont make the stamped spoons, the idea of the cup & saucer as a planter is cool!
painted rocks for garden markers.... #DIY #crafts
How to Grow Lettuces
DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden- Creative plant labels and plant markers are a great way to mark your plants and garden.
Recycled Spoon Garden Markers. Wonder if you could dip them into something writ-able.. but you'd have to clear coat for it to weather. silverware is a dime a dozen at the thrift store.
What to do with popped corks? Make labels for your plants.#diy #gardening
Stamped Spoons
Tree Stick Branch Garden Marker Poker
bead garden markers--- super cute idea. If I ever have a garden.
Cute idea for repurposed garden markers, from Homespun sprout
Hang starburst mirror on the wall
Garden Stampings vintage spoon Old Friends - spoon plant marker. $12.00, via Etsy.
Bottle Cap Garden Markers. Could improvise these with a labeler, glue and wax.
Polymer clay garden markers
20 Absolutely Stunning DIY Ideas That Will Make Your Garden Look So Awesome! rock stone garden decor 7
Just finshed my wine cork plant markers for my indoor herb garden! They look great! Good idea and easy! Wine corks, bamboo skewers and a pretty felt tip pen to write with!
Plant Marker Vintage Spoon Spring Garden Art by CrazyBeak on Etsy
Garden marker idea- might be willing to take them apart and spray paint them before I write the plant name on them.
stunning bright purple and yellow Lily - I love Daylillies. They never let you down.
Homemade Garden Markers | These garden stones are bright and colorful and will last a while ...
Iris 'Starship Enterprise' ~ This is absolutely gorgeous!
Heres a craft for your garden that’s not only simple and practical, but BEAUTIFUL too!
Tips for Plant A Container Herb Garden
Stoneware garden markers for your favorite #gardener via @Etsy, $22.00
I love this idea! And they will last for years!
To make your own homemade markers, simply pull out your handy paints and put your pint-sized Picassos to work on coloring in all of the veggies and fruits that you're planning on featuring in this year's family plot.
Stone plant markers. Perfect; certainly look like they will last longer than the decorative markers I paid for which couldn't be read by the end of the summer. (August Wren: Herb Markers)
How to make painted plant markers out of stones - fun project to do with kids
Clay plant markers