Image Via: Happily Grey

Image Via: Happily Grey

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That Boho Chick: Boho Scarves and Ponchos
granny square poncho
✯ Man’s Shirt, circa 1860, from the Crow tribe, one of the articles in the Detroit Institute of Arts’s Native- American Art Collection. Photo courtesy of Detroit Institute of Arts✯
Cream tweed wrap with large black button ~ inspiration only ~ available for sale on Etsy
fold over top from oval ~ fits better if sewn only to waist
10 Trendy Baby Products That Make Mom’s Life Easier
Chickens wearing sweaters to keep warm in winter! I realize that this makes me a "not serious" urban farmer, but with 4-6 chickens, I just might do this. (But I think the deep bedding will make it unnecessary. Still, how cute would my chickens b
Country Girl Poncho created by billi29 in Polyv
Hbhdc Washcloth Pattern by The Purple Ponch
crochet poncho pattern/chart
Good Ideas For You | Sewing Projects (idea for camel wool fabric!)
flower ponch
Crocheted poncho made to order crochet handmade bridal by dosiak, $105.00
Hooded cloak from Ovate's fall/winter collection. They do modern macabre just right.
Wool Poncho DIY: This is probably the easiest poncho you'll ever make that you'll actually wear more than once. It's made from a thick woven wool in a graphic herringbone print. All you need to be able to do to sew your own is cut and sew in s
indigo poncho
Bina brianca wrap pattern
cause he's adorable
Eco Merino, designer baby clothes from New Zealand.
(note to self) make from a length of polarfleece to wear at home.
Ж&Ж. Мода. Стиль. Жизнь.: Я не умею шить, но очень хочу валять..
27 Useful Fashionable DIY Ideas
Poncho Love | the Fashion Bybel by carli bybel!
Poncho Verde Esmeralda
aggie + Daryl inspired poncho from The Walking Dead. MUST HAVE! What a great gift for Walking Dead fans!
Burberry Hooded Cashmere Poncho
Ralph Lauren whites
What to buy for your trip at the dollar store - great discounts here!
Bo-M: Poncho cor de salmão com dourado
Crochet DROPS stole with lace pattern and flower edge in ”Cotton Merino”. ~ DROPS Design
DIY Poncho Shirt - I would make so many of these in different colors