Oh my god how is this not a more popular thing I love this. Instead of a sleeve... a pant!
Here's an interesting thought....twine wrapped around my bicep with a dreamcatcher hanging on the back of my arm? hmmm
Heart Tattoo, I like this one, could be on my hand...
tribal tattoos for women | Filipino Tribal Leg Tattoo Design for Teenager Girls
love the pearls used to dangle the feathers from the garter. gonna have to incorporate that into my garter tat
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Forest | 50 Seriously Impressive Dotwork Tattoos
I want to get a light house on my shin on my right leg... full color though :)
SV.A tattoo
This is LITERALLY the only leg tattoo (not including ankles) that I've ever seen that I liked
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fairy tattoo designs for women | ... tattoos ideas for lower back tattoos for women inner forearm tattoo
Neo-Traditional Tatt
Lily tattoo on leg... Love the placement!
Beautiful paraphrase on God's love.
absolutely feminine & stunning leg tattoo, I don't like leg tattoos, on an arm or rib cage would be awesome!!
Sexy Leg Tattoo Designs for Women (11)
leg band tattoos
SHANE TATTOOS: Polynesian Female Leg Tattoo
Christopher Dresser
Really cool tattoo.
I've always like woman with so many tattoos. But I don't know if I could do it myself
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Cute Women Leg Tattoo Design - Tattoo Design Ideas
add onto existing tattoo on lower back - Google Search
Script Leg Tattoo. Neat!
Self Expression
Omg I love this.... Show of heritage and life!! Absolutely love these ...
Holy crap.. I would never be brave enough to get this but that's awesome!
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floral back of the legs tattoo | Chris MacDonald, Under My Thumb tattoo