preschool circle time

preschool circle time

“From Your Seat” is a great brain break, action song to make it easy and fun to take a quick energy break. Your kids will have a blast with this fun action song that they can do right from their chair or sitting on the floor! This movement song is great f
ld macdonald had a farm craft - use one during storytime, and then the kids can make their own.
ten tips for circletime in the preschool classroom
Get ready for Storytime - Storytime Song
Getting to know you cube and many more activities for the beginning of the school year.
cute circle time activity for farm theme: "who gathered eggs from the chicken coop?" w/ props, following directions, turn-taking, repetitive rhyme/chant.
What's the Weather--Dr. Jean (with lyrics) This is really a cute song. Great for PreK and Kindergarten.
Preschool Song Booklet. I don't know all of these, but it would be a fun idea to collect different songs.
If I ever teach preschool I will do this!
Daily Circle Time Discussion Questions - pose one question per day to your students to give them a chance to talk aloud before the group, and share something about themselves.
Preschool dinosaur idea- cute 5 dinosaurs rhyme for circle time
Two Little Hands - Transitional Chant For Circle Time.
Five Green and Speckled Frogs Craft Think we'll be doing this when we learn the song!
A collection of activities that work well for circle time in preschool | Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
First Grade Fever!: An "Oprah-Style" Giveaway & a Peek at Earth Day!
how to use the montessori alphabet box - Wildflower Ramblings #preschool
lly Monster... great for reinforcing letter/number/shape recongnition skills... possibilities are endless!
» Five Little Lady Bugs Flannel Board Nuttin' But Preschool
agical enchanted mirror alphabet posters/flashcards. Other resources available to match this fairytale theme. Suitable for Pre-2nd Grade. $
Autism Tank: Homework Binders--Would love to make some for circle time activities!
Preschool Visual Supports
Farm unit puppets and barn. Too cute!!!
Circle Time Journal - calendar/weather journal; For our homeschool, I could add list of months (to color current one), add other item, like tracing letters of current month? Color date (list #s 1-31)? "Tomorrow is x day of week," ...
Social Stories for Classroom Management - Books created by Melissa Toth
Apples and ABC's: Dental Health Month
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circle time song
Preschool lesson plans for circle time. Great spring lessons for preschool with books to match.
Storytime is over
This is a cute song to get children to be quiet and attentive for the beginning of story or circle time. It goes pretty well with the tune of "skip to the lou" just slightly adapted.
Farm unit puppets and barn.  Too cute!!! Can make a flannel board version too. This would be great for stories and songs too.
Circle time songs
Circletime fun with Cloudette!
Circle Time Calendar - made easy, by using a science board, velcro dots and post-it notes.  This worked for us and made Circle Time so much FUN
Living a RAD Life: M&Ms Feelings Activity
The Adventures of Room 83: Calendar how each student has their own color-coded calendar book so they can follow along
22 Creative Classroom Door Ideas
I wrote numbers and shapes on a beach ball. We rolled the beach ball back and forth to each other. Wherever our thumb landed, we had to say the shape or number it landed on or the one that was closest.
A Camping We Will Go  {Fun, simple song for shared reading}