Steve Rogers on a motorcycle...Apparently there is a way to make seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier even more appealing.

Steve Rogers on a motorcycle...Apparently there is a way to make seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier even more appealing.

A Chihuahua with aggression issues. <<<<<So he was basically the cousin from Scooby Doo that almost no one liked, Scrappy Doo???
Forget Prince Charming, I want Captain America (white)   OMG YES!!! WHO KNOWS HOW TO MAKE SHIRTS???!! I WANT THIS!!!
Civil War meme - Spinach puffs and The Emperor's New Groove.
good answer, chris
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Captain America: "Because, and you listen close, Steven. You always stand up.”
So.... Black Widow or Jane Foster... I saw myself more as a Hawkeye like individual, but I'm definitely not an extrovert.
Chris Evans as 'Captain America' in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
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UPDATE: New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer Coming; Full Body Promo Shots Revealed
"Literally could not be more attracted to Steve Rogers right now. Thank you for inviting everyone to your farm for a sleepover Clint."
bucky barnes and steve rogers fanart - Google Search
Day 5 on the Disney cruise issssssss Captain America and Peggy
That's right Steve! Although, that other guy IS pretty darn good-looking, even if he does dress funny. . .
I loved this but then I read the usernames and I loved it even more.
Distant sound of Bucky Barnes developing a stress ulcer.
Civil War meme - Frozen vs Tangled.
Which Superhero Should You Hook Up With? You got: Captain America. (Steve Rogers is the ultimate boy scout, but if you’re into an old-fashioned guy who happens to be a perfect human specimen and a legendary war hero, this is the jackpot. He’ll treat you v
Oh Steve
[Image: Steve Rogers walking along the beach, carrying Natasha Romanoff piggyback; they’re both wearing swimsuits. Natasha’s eyes are closed and she’s smiling and resting her head on the back of Steve’s head.]  illustratedkate:  nat and steve are best fri
PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries Bucky Barnes and his dog.
Chris Evans is hot and all but mostly he just seems like a really cool dude and I think that's why I'm so attracted to him.
If the Avengers were on Tumblr... The intimate thoughts of Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes and Agent Coulson.
Captain America in AoU
Yes, please. 》Marvel if you're listening, if you're gonna make me go through all of those feel I at least expect this
Chris Evans (in uniform so I'll pretend he's Steve Rogers) holding a baby
//Click for gif set// Can you guys imagine how GUILTY Steve feels after knowing what happened to Bucky and read his file?
I feel like if I ever became famous, all of my paparazzi pictures would look like this. LOL
If Steve Rogers loved Bucky Barnes any more than he already does, then...oh, wait, yeah, that's not possible.
''They say we won. They didn't say what we lost.'' :( / Steve Rogers, The Howling Commandos & Peggy Cart
PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries Steve Rogers and his cat|Day 3 (part.1)
Backpack leash for Captain America
Bucky Come Home
Captain America: Civil War... why they're really fighting OMG those faces are PRICELESS
he's so adorable I wanna cry
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