Vintage Pyrex Butterfly Gold Collectibles by sweeteuropeandreams, $54.00
Confessions of a Pyrex Hoarder Part 1: Why and How to Display
Pyrex collection ♥
sweet mid century caraffe
vintage Pyrex casserole
Would love to have something like this in my home someday. . . I guess I am a quirky eclectic???
Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowl Set
Love this collection and would love to be able to do this one day with my great grandma's cabinet that looks like this.
Oh my goodness, I think I'll faint! Vintage Kid's Play Pyrex!!! wish i could find these
Love this Hoosier Cabinet
Oh So Lovely Vintage: Pyrex Pattern Identification Guide! (Part 2)
Bluebird Notes- Vintage Pyrex Collection Clearly my hutch is much too small for my future (and ever growing) collection...
Vintage Pyrex bowls
Vintage Pyrex 1959 Promo 2 1 2 Qt Serving Bowl Set Turquoise 443 CW 1 Scroll | eBay
Aqua Pyrex, Light Blue Pyrex-These I would collect but there are so many others. I'd really would have to love the colors to collect.
vintage pyrex!
Want! ~}{~ I have a set of round casseroles  in the blue with white snowflakes pattern that were still sealed in the box up until 2007. They were my hubby's mothers and I found them in the side table in the living room .  There were things stashed lik
pyrex prettiness
Autumn & Thanksgiving Pyrex 2013 | Flickr
Love my set of these :)
Why don't they make stuff like this anymore?
Vintage Pyrex Light Fixture!
Vintage Pyrex JaJ Snowflake Gaiety Space by ThriftingTreasures, $1025.00 wow!
These are great, I did not know they came in all of these colors, I have the green set in my cabinet now.
vintage pink pyrex. I want.
aqua pyrex
Love this set.
Town & Country - I think this set is growing on me
Vintage Pyrex Blue White Colonial Mist Casserole by havetohaveit, $74.99.
this is a great collection!
Vintage Rainbow Stripe Pink and Yellow Pyrex Bowls
Kitchen Kitsch //// Nice collection and very well done. The lighting adds a great deal to the setting.