Rootbeer Float Cupcakes Recipe - A Spark of Creativity

Rootbeer Float Cupcakes Recipe - A Spark of Creativity

Root Beer Float Cupcakes- Favorite summertime treat in cupcake form. Perfect dessert for your summer bbq's.
RumChata and Rootbeer, just another way to enjoy this divine alcoholic drink. Seriously Rumchata is amazing
Berry Popsicles
Diet Root Beer Float Recipe - Low calorie summer treat: 1 bottle diet Root Beer, 1 cup Vanilla frozen yogurt, (preferably organic) divided    Place a spoon in two glasses. Fill each glass with ½ cup of the frozen yogurt. Evenly divide the root beer betwee
Birthday Cheer
1 can root beer, cold  2 shots or more of Jack Daniel’s*  1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream  In a mug, pour shots of JD whiskey.  Add in root beer and stir for 5 seconds.  Top with vanilla ice cream. Serve immediately.    *Adjust the amount of alcohol depe
Rumchata and Rootbeer, sounds great!
Root Beer Float Cupcakes
Vodka Root Beer Floats
If you are a lover of Root Beer then these soft moist pudding cookies are for you! They are literally a Root Beer Float in a cookie! #Root Beer Float Cookies #Cookie Recipe
i literally ran into the kitchen and mixed one up when i saw this!!! ITS AMAZING! equal parts coke, half and half, and Kahlua . . .. . taste like a rootbeer float!
No Bake Root Beer Float Pie
As a Matter of Fact: rootbeer floats for studying the three states of matter! @Kristi Denton @Amanda Snelson Snelson Snelson Rhodes
No-Melt - Root Beer Float Jello. Perfect Summer Treat!
mm in a martini with a cinnamon stick swizzle, delish!
Healthy Dessert and zero weight watchers points! Rootbeer float.. or any kind of float for that matter, depending on the pop you use!
Rootbeer float popsicles recipe
We used to stop at a for a treat - and I'd get a coke float every time, since I didn't like root beer. So tasty...
Adult Root beer Floats with Vanilla Vodka. Fill glass halfway with root beer and add vanilla vodka. Stir and then add ice cream scoop.
Root beer float cupcakes - the original pin took me somewhere else; I found this here.  OMG, does it look good. I have to find a Watkins dealer! (Make my own root beer, I will!)
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These jello shots are your perfect trick play! The flavor of root beer float will almost make you feel like it's summer, if it wasn't for the winter wind.  These will be a great addition to your Super Bowl party!