This is very pretty . Most heart tattoos arnt very nice but this has nice lines and colour

This is very pretty . Most heart tattoos arnt very nice but this has nice lines and colour

Heart ♥
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At some point I want to get a rose tattoo because its my favorite flower next to the moonflower
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This is how I want my live laugh love tattoo just a lil lower.
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Love this tattoo so much - want something like this
Crissy tattoo
Well that is the sweetest little purple bow tattoo....especially with the purple toe nail polish! Love it!
girls feet tattoo feather, @Bailey Francine Francine Fleetwood, this would look so cute on you!!
Don't dream your life, live your dream.
happy feet ! I love, love, love Henna !!!
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baby lotus....this Is super cute I'm always afraid to get a tattoo cause I change my mind about what I like too much. But I think I could live with and love this itty bitty cute foot one! ;)
love it. I usually prefer black and brown tattoos but I really don't mind the pink in this one.
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Since I already have a flower on my toe. might add something like this.
Elephant tattoo
Butterfly tattoo
I was thinking of doing a foot tattoo with my favorite flower and sent which is a sweet pea. Not this big though.
I have a star fish one on my foot but it needs to be fixed and more like this!...Starfish tattoo. Looks 3D! Very well done
Thinking of adding a stargazer lily to my back, but a blue version.
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Want a snake wrapped somewhere. Don't tread on me.
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Decorated Skin
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Love this one!