Good way to look at things

Good way to look at things

trust your first instincts and do not acquiesse to what you know you do not want in your heart.
If it matters to you, it’s not stupid. - S.Z.
How we need to remember these words.
That kind of regret is the hardest to deal with 'cause you want to do it again. But you know the consequences.
This is so true
No Worries
Pietà,19th century,: German or French ; Gold, enamel, crystal, rubies, pearls
i know right :) this is so true: no matter how beautiful you are but if your heart ♥ is not than waste of time :P ^_^
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Worrying = waste of time. Don't stress over what you can't control. Just live and be happy with what you have and trust in God.
And I have zero respect for you. You are a liar, a thief, a fraud, and an all around raggedy ass.
The aftermath of givng your all to someone and losing them. To love completely is to risk everything.
How to communicate with a narcissist If you find yourself co-parenting with a narcissist, the no engagement rule has to be altered to limited engagement.
"Worry is a misuse of your imagination"
Googling "how to defeat the Doctor" is truly just a waste of time.
my head is telling  me to give you a second chance as a friend but my heart is saying he is gonna hurt you again  ..
non. Je ne regrette rien. Regrets are a waste of time and energy. Enjoy today. Build tomorrow
Factors behind the growing infertility epidemic affecting millions of Americans
Introvert Problem #19: You think small talk is a waste of time and would rather skip to the point of the conversation.
That's for sure! I didn't want to love you after you hurt me, but I did, and I have no clue why! You're a waste of time and energy!
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I so often think about things or people that have hurt me in the past and wonder if it was a waste of time....but if I am able to learn something from an experience then it served a purpose and wasn't a waste.
it wasn't a waste of time if you learnt something
Great advice from Js Everyday Fashion on dealing with negativity and 'haters.'
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