For you ❤️ Love ❤️ Make time for that special person .. Make the person feel special ❤️

For you ❤️ Love ❤️ Make time for that special person .. Make the person feel special ❤️

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Some of these ideas are really cute
ake Time
xactly where i am in life right now.. Creativity takes no excuses If it's important enough, you'll make time for it. If you don't know where to start, start anywhere If you feel stuck, ask someone to help you out. If you're tired, take a t
Save the excuses. It's not about "having" time. It's about making time. If it matters, you will make time.
"Pay attention to the whispers, so we won't have to listen to the screams." -Cherokee Proverb
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple in Toronto, Canada - There is one in Lilburn, GA if you live near there. Absolutely breathtaking!
When you pray be sure that you listen as well as talk. You have things you want to say to God, but He...
making time
No excuses... :) I wrote this on the board during student teaching and my students were like, "aw man, you got us!"
How to put Jesus first into your daily busy college life. What I need to do!
make time to improve yourself
Backyard Ideas - DIY swings - always make time for your inner child to play
Don't force someone to make time for you. If they really want to, they will.
Thank you to all that have the heart and take the time to volunteer!
A person being “too busy” is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them! — Mandy Hale
Take a break! You’ve been in school for a few days or weeks now, and you deserve it. Watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see, or check out a TV show on Netflix. Whatever helps you relax your mind, make time to take time!
Interactive map/guide to Kentucky bourbon country - distillery locations, accommodations, restaurants. Taste Kentucky's finest spirits!
These are precious.. Make time to create Christmas traditions just for the two of you!
As a single SAHM, I've had the privilege of getting to know the myriad of ways in which to earn extra income from home. Here are my top 10 favorites.
ake time to create Christmas traditions just for the two of you!
Yep, I need to remember I would be able to find you if you WANTED to be found.
Who says you can’t make time stand still? Your child will be amazed when they open this extraordinary keepsake box years from now! Fill it with photos, letters, news clippings and other memorabilia from their first year.
Deep Dish S'more Cookies
Swiss Roll Cookies and Cream Cak
The most important decision you will ever make is what you do with the time that is given to you.
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In a 2005 interview with The Guardian, Hawking responded to a question about whether he gets "surges of rage" about his disability. "It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability," he told the paper. "One has to get on wit
This has been my favorite quote for about the past year or so.  I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that it's becoming so popular! The meaning will always be true. ♥
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In your silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else is present, you are getting in tune with existence - Osho
Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes topped with creamy, rich vanilla frosting. A classic cupcake recipe you'll make time and time again! By Sally | Sally's Baking Addiction
Today’s self-love tip: make time to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Check out this awesome guide to discover even more ways to create a positive relationship with yourself.