This is the best! Figurative language examples from lots of different movies, with a little quiz at the end!

This is the best! Figurative language examples from lots of different movies, with a little quiz at the end!

Literary devices interactive dictionary... Help students explore figurative language with fun, engaging activities! Grades 5-8 $
Great page for teaching similies :)
Figurative language anchor charts/posters/cards. alliteration • hyperbole • idioms • metaphors personification • onomatopoeia • similes
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything extension activities.
5 Figurative Language Posters
Figurative Language Helps Descriptions!
Common Core Figurative Language Foldable
Creativity coloring pages
Idiom of the day
White ‘Cotton Headed Ninny’ Bodysuit - Infant by American Classics on #zulily
Flocabulary - Educational Hip-Hop. This was a great lesson on teaching how to write a thesis.
POSTER: 7 No-Prep Activities for Teaching Idioms If you think these idiom activities are useful, please share the link on Facebook, tweet about this poster, pin it onto your Pinterest board, or mention it in an email to your fellow teachers.
Back to school/ build community. Students tell the story of a partner classmate with this academic and diagnostic writing assessment in which a student interviews and introduces his or her classmate by constructing an interview, writing a friendly letter
post-it notes for students to use to show when they find figurative language in books...
I've been looking for a book that teaches about metaphors. I need to check out this one.
aking Inferences with Literature will be fascinating and fun for ALL your students with this differentiated set of fiction story task cards from Book Buddies. Two levels of story task cards, worksheets, vocabulary lists and practice with figurative langua
Literary Devices in Pop Culture - YouTube
Literary Devices in Pop Culture - great video - just under 5 minutes with clips from movies demonstrating literary elements.  Well done!
Poetry and Figurative Language Unit: Grade 3...40 Lessons
This Critical Thinking Skills bundle of activities is great for Differentiated Instruction perfect for Common Core!  Bundle Includes:- The 5 W's Graphic Organizer- Figurative Language Activities- Problem and Solution Graphic Organizer- Comparing and C
Sometimes, you just need to have some nerdy English teacher fun. #highschoolEnglish #pun
Robert Frost was a master of language. Your student will explore Frost's use of figurative language in "The Road Not Taken" in this worksheet. It's appropriate for Common Core Standards for Reading Literature for 7th grade. Other grades
ERIN--great for 6th grade too! Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Use Popular Music to Teach Poetic Devices & Figurative Language
▶ Figurative Language in movies and commercials - YouTube
Figurative Language Anchor Chart and Activity Ideas!  Fun for my students and meaningful, too!
Similes and Metaphors in Pop Culture 5 - YouTube
Figurative Language- I have done this activity in a 5th grade classroom!  It was fun and the kids loved it!
Students work together in a cooperative group activity to act out an idiom. Includes student directions and a list of frequently used idioms. The l...
Cool pics of idioms - some aren't appropriate for school (some aren't idioms either) but still useful
Illustrating Literal Meaning vs. Author's Meaning for figurative language
This is a fun book for teaching figurative language. #vocabulary
figurative language!
Here's a quick review or reference sheet for students to use during a poetry unit.  I love teaching poetry and love to give the kids a chance to make up their own examples of figurative language and poetry terms.      Often, I give out 4-5 whiteboard
How many of these English idioms do you know? Do you know where they come from?
This is a short video with several different clips form movies that give examples of similes. This is very effective because the movies used are popular in our age group therefore making students have more interest in watching it.
Post it for every time students find figurative language in a book - GREAT IDEA!!