This one's for you @Jenna LePine! The Daily 5 in a 3rd grade classroom - lots of great stuff!

This one's for you @Jenna LePine!  The Daily 5 in a 3rd grade classroom - lots of great stuff!

How one teacher modifies Daily 5 for her 4th grade classroom
When I was in elementary school and we were learning about persuasive writing, I wrote a letter to my grandma persuading her to come visit me. I was ecstatic.
Classroom Management Board
Once you have established your routine for the Daily 5 (or Daily 3) your students can begin to manage their own rotation choices. Students keep thi...
Do you use Daily 5? We are huge fans and love using these literacy center charts during our Daily 5.This pack contains charts for:*Read to ...
YES!  Daily 5 becomes Daily 3 for my purposes. Writing can encompass both writing projects and response to literature?  Mrs. Crofts' Classroom: Daily 5/Cafe in a 6th grade classroom
BUILD = daily 5 for math - love this idea, now just to figure out how to tweak it for early childhood special ed preschool. they only have 2 1/2 hrs a day so that doesn't leave us much time for a good block of math (or any other!) exploration
Nottingham Castle and caves inside Sherwood Forest, England
A year of word work for daily 5 or spelling for guided reading.
AWESOME blog about writing stations and reading workshop centers
Craft to teach short o sound | Mrs. Karle's Sight and Sound Reading
Daily 5 Choices... I like this and I have all these things in my classroom. Need to buy clothespins this year
Tap lights to answer for games.
Daily 5
Buddy Reading routine poem
Great idea for Daily 5 - Give choices in word work and the kiddos and differentiate on their own by picking the one they are capable of completing.
This Blog is LOADED with reading / Daily 5 activities!
work on writing (this one page has TONS of Daily 5 ideas) I love it!!! #daily5
Peace, Love, and First Grade: February 2013...maybe have them just do this once per week for Daily 5?
Step-by-Step Daily 5 Instruction for Kinder- First 25 Days
The Daily 5 Kindergarten | Here are the different writing tools the students can choose from ...
spa menu for a spa party-so fun in a couples years this would be great
Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart......Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: Daily 5 Stations
What Do the Kids DO During ELA Centers?
Beginning with the End in Mind in Writing! securedownload1.jpg 720×960 pixels
The Daily 5 with iPads!! Suggestions and ideas for using iPads for Daily 5 and literacy centers.
This pack has everything you need for an organized, effective, and motivating Work on Writing center/choice time for your students! Perfect for the daily five!
Just Right Books Anchor Chart
journal writing prompts....glue in journal  and students can check it off.
Revisiting Mentor Sentences!  This blog is a wealth of information about mentor sentences.  I will do this next school year.
Word Work activities that work for any vocabulary words. Perfect for use with Daily 5 or in literacy centers for upper elementary students. Just print, laminate, and place in your Word Work center!
Great site with lots of printables (and vinyl ideas too!)
The IPICK Rule for finding a "Good Fit" Book! - Miss Olson's 3rd Grade Class! - Use first... 5 finger rule for K
These could be good to use for reading stations. You could put them up in different areas of the classroom and when it is time for reading stations each group will know where to go for their station instead of having disorder and disorganization. (2750)
Keeping Kids Accountable During Daily 5- Students have their own bingo card. When they complete an activity, they let me check it so I can initial the box for them.
persuasive writing
math daily 5.