Every classroom has a culture. Some pieces may be intentional on your part, others, not so much. Use these 12 questions to learn more about yours.

Every classroom has a culture. Some pieces may be intentional on your part, others, not so much. Use these 12 questions to learn more about yours.

Higher Order Thinking Questions to Use After Reading
Explore Little Red Riding Hood’s beloved story with your students in a way that enhances reading comprehension and higher order thinking skills. This Little Red Riding Hood pack allows students to investigate different versions of the story while developi
Higher Order Thinking Questions
Chapter Study Guides - for ANY novel unit to replace or support chapter quizzes. Students write summaries, test questions, discussion questions, famous quotes, and more! For secondary English classes
Use Bloom's Taxonomy in your classroom and activate Higher Order Thinking!
Read-Opoly! A fun game that gets students talking about books that they have read! This would be a great literacy center or a book report alternative. Could also be a reading challenge!
to use when teaching quotation marks
All teachers need this visual to help us remember to increase the rigor of questioning and tasks!
Daily Warm-Ups -- A great way to start the day and to practice Common Core State Standards critical thinking activities. Each of the Daily Warm-Up passages is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in ELA and/or writing in History Social Studies and
bloom's taxonomy verbs chart - Google Search
A Teacher's Treasure: Treasured Tip of the Week - Bookmarks!
10 Ideas to Teach Science Vocabulary-- I love #7 for higher order thinking!
This MEGA bundle includes 25 of the most popular fiction and non-fiction teaching units and activities! The majority of the products are aligned to the 6th-8th grade ELA CCSS and include differentiated activities and interventions activities for strugglin
Decimal Tic-Tac-Toe--includes student choice and incorporates higher order thinking skills
Five Ways to Use Memes in Class...great to use for classroom rules and for activities with higher order thinking skills!
Revised Bloom's questions. like this but its driving me crazy that they are out of order! (evaluate should go last, for one).
DOK Question Stems.pdf
Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Art Room: Question Prompts to use while critiquing a piece of artwork, which you would put up in the center of this grid. Great for Kindergarten-Adults!
Socratic seminar is an excellent and engaging way for students to practice higher order thinking skills. This 32-slide PowerPoint resource with printables is a Socratic seminar featuring the poem “A Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. This resource includes
Love this! The teacher provides an answer and students come up with questions that fit. This is an awesome higher order thinking skills activity!
Higher order thinking prompts
Encourage and develop math process standards and metacognition with this collection of 50 exit passes! On each exit slip, students will rate their understanding of the day's lesson and explain their rating. There is also a question that encourages ref