Here are the steps for how to keep a large potted flower or container garden healthy.

Here are the steps for how to keep a large potted flower or container garden healthy.

A collection of wonderful looking container garden design ideas . All would make wonderful additions to your garden. Each photo has a description of what flowers make up the design.
The large potted flowers and large bouquets add vibrant colors and textures that make you want to crunch them! Pulled from (yet another :P) article with a round up of backyards.
Very pretty
Front Porch
Cement pots: Use water, cement and old towels/rags/tablecloths. Make a "tea" of cement and water, soak cloth til heavy, drape over an upside down container/bucket, arrange as you please. Let cure. If needed coat with more cement to increase stre
thers Day or Muffins with Mom gift
potted flowers
Aggies are so hardy, so great for around the pool. Can take with you when you move.
Award Winning Containers and Seasonal Flowers | Flowerscape
Another way to make a Flower Tower
Sherman Library Gardens Corona del Mar, California
Paris, France
ther's Day Poem
Proven Winners | Margaritaville - Great site. Lots of great container garden ideas.  Lik this arrangement. .
Inspirational outdoor rooms to get you ready for the onset of Spring! #spring #outdoor #inspiration
California Farmhouse with East Coast Architecture
Front porch flowers by rkramer62, via Flickr
Enchanted April garden
I like these wash tubs as planters. What a neat garden display.
Plantint a Terrarium
t lavendel
garden border
tiny porch with big, beautiful flowering containers
terra cotta & white blooms.
Lentebloemen in een vaas
Jill Ruth & Co.
Container Gardening
crokia such a light plant it looks like snow!
Garden Song 7 - Country Line Art Pattern