Create fun patterns with painters tape to make any room more dynamic. Be sure to wait for the paint to dry completely before carefully peeling off the tape. Then enjoy your beautiful new design!

Create fun patterns with painters tape to make any room more dynamic. Be sure to wait for the paint to dry completely before carefully peeling off the tape. Then enjoy your beautiful new design!

By Narelle Fasulo. Uses Stampin' Up "Wetlands" stamp set. Background made with ink-on-tape technique.
Add bling factor to a plain lampshade using painter's tape & metallic spray paint.
Hang things on the wall using painter tape and hot glue. Place painter tape first and then hot glue! This may be like the most genius idea EVER!!!
how to paint the perfect edge without painters tape, painting, This is also great for around baseboards and casings
How to create this wall pattern with painter's tape
Deer Fly Traps- Great Blog on how to catch these and to prevent from getting bitten. These are the flys that spread Coggins. Make sure you read the comments for other ideas. Some have used blue plates,cups,salad bowls,painters tape and spread with Tanglef
Easy Wall Art Using Painters Tape
Tips For Caulking
Painting a wall with paint tape, better than wallpaper because you can just paint over it when you want to change!
Painter's Tape Background Technique - must try this
10 beautiful cross crafts for kids
An exercise for the kids to try using blocks
Sanding tips, and how to prevent glue drips.
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 31 Pics
Will I be brave enough to try this? I’ve always loved the look of wall stripes, but I’ve been reluctant to actually go through the effort...
Kids Craft - Painter's Tape Art
Never would have thought of using a Mr. Clean Magic eraser! Great tip from fantabulouscricut...
DIY painted canvas. Easy art project with painters tape.
Use painters tape on a vase, sponge glass paint over it to create a personalized look
glittered glass votives.. Could be a craft or a decoration! Dollar store votives...
Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled Dressers: Painted, Wallpapered, & Decoupaged
How to create a faux carriage garage door. Also, see the difference between blue painters tape and green frog tape. Which is better?
How to Install Board and Batten.  Great tips! #DIY #home-improvement #home #handyman #project #tips #walls #wall #wood #trim #molding
TLC Home "How to Paint a Room: Tips and Guidelines" cant never have too many of these! Especially because I know people who don't use tape when they paint and it looks awful
Tutorial: Plastic Planter Transformation
Why haven't I thought of this before? Use a Sharpie on a plain lampshade, (use painter's tape to make straight lines!)
Holding the Tough-To-Embroider Items (I took an embroidery class and they used the light blue painters tape)
This is such a fun gross motor activities for toddlers and preschool.  A giant game of Tic-Tac-Toe!
The Unity Canvas Paint Wedding Ceremony lets the couple celebrate their unity in an artistic way that truly represents them.
Painter's tape to mark out parking places for outdoor toys. It would teach kids to put things where they belong- and you'd have accountability (easy to see who didn't do their job)
Yeah Vintage: DIY CUSTOM STEPPING STONES with spray paint and painters tape
Ombre wall paint ---- for the grassy lower part of the walls, in greens.
Brush MP along edges of painter's tape before painting dropcloth to stop paint seepage under tape. Use dropcloth for curtains, tablecloths, etc...
This is how you are supposed to paint a room. (10 tips for a perfect paint job)
How to stencil an inexpensive rug to make it look like a much nicer rug. :) This is a really neat idea!
It’s crazy what a little paint can do. Add Devine Color to your steps to change the whole look of a room. Step one: Grab Devine Color Pond, Mirage, Horizon, and Compass paints. Step two: Using painter’s tape, outline the areas you want painted. Step three
Stampin' in the Sand: Wetlands Thinking of You featuring Painters Tape Technique and Tag Topper Punch Closure