beads from plastic bottles

beads from plastic bottles

This sculpture is made of reshape plastic bottles. Each are painted with acrylic and stitched on clear plastic sheet. (Designed and created by Poramit Thantapalit)
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Bubble Snakes
DIY plastic Christmas tree!
Plastic bottles
Diy plastic bottle yarn holders
screw a bottle onto the hose and hang from a tree! Fun for kids in the summer! Comment, Like, Repin !!!!!!
(DIY and Crafts) Plastic Bottle Cap Animals... cute
bottoms of plastic bottles. Adults would need to cut them out, could be decorated.
DIY Art Project: Plastic Flowers
A great way to upcycle Recycled plastic bottles become a waterwall.
Bottle Toss: Empty plastic bottle twine/yarn/string hammer & nail (to make hole in lid) Bead/ plastic egg Cut the bottle in 1/2, keeping top 1/2 & lid. Use hammer & nail to make a hole in lid. knot 1 end of twin, string through lid, screw lid
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DIY-Plastic-Bottle-Flower-Bunch.jpg 520×3,900 píxeles
DIY - made from recycled plastic bottles and caps - Home Girl: Guerilla Art
Self watering seeds from plastic bottles
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plastic bottle earrings
Diy-lava-lamp. Fun for kids. Or for when you really just need to make a lava lamp.
In need of a fruit picker? Make your own out of a plastic bottle! - GRIT Magazine
Plastic bottle repurposed into a toilet brush holder #plastic #reuse
DIY Plastic Bottle Candlestick with Bow
DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House
Seriously? My Barbie days would have been more awesome if my parents taught me how to do this lol. And now I can do it for my daughter :D
DIY #Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
crocheted with a plastic bottle…great idea – fill with preped labels and other end of year teacher gifts (Buxton still 75cl may be a good shape and size). – for Ann and Mrs H end of yr
Plastic Bottle Craft
ake Flowers out of plastic bottles
40 DIY Decorating Ideas With Recycled Plastic Bottles
Onions grown vertically indoors in a 5L plastic bottle. I'm going to try this with a milk jug...
Piggy Bottle Bank - Great recycling craft for the kids
plastic bottle (2 liter or milk jug) mini greenhouse cloche. Used these for years and they work very well!
ake a last-minute camping spoon with a knife and a plastic bottle. | 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner
Plastic bottles upcycled to a greenhouse - Microsoft Team - Senior School Project Plastic Bottle Greenhouse by Volunteer Centre Westminster, via Flickr
Cute Hedgehog bottle planters!   15 Plastic Bottles DIY Ideas – a Second Life | Design & DIY Magazine
Earth science: Very detailed lesson plans on how to create a bidome.
Cesta reciclando una botella de plástico
bouchons bouteilles
DIY Plastic Bottle Flower...
How to Purify Water with Sunlight
aiko Nagao: DIY: Upcycled plastic bottle herb planter