California Beer Cap Map needs more holes for all the breweries they have. Fill it with your favorites.

California Beer Cap Map needs more holes for all the breweries they have. Fill it with your favorites.

Bottle cap table how to...
Do you have oodles bottle caps that you're saving for a special project? Want a conversation piece for your man cave to show off caps from all of the unique craft beers you've tried? We have the perfect solution for you: a Beer Cap Collector Shado
bottle cap frame
This beautiful hand built oak box is made in the US and stained in a red mahogany finish with a semi gloss top coat. Are you like me do you have
Options Beer Cap Shadow Box Custom Bar Sign by FleetFoxCo, $25.00
thought this was a good idea...doing our kitchen in a brewery type theme cuz my boyfriend and i are beer fanatics and i need something we can both agree on design wise. i have a lot of "beer schwag" (posters, tin signs, etc) but wanted to find s
tiny embroidery
Bottle Cap Magnets..everybody loves these...we only make these from beer we have tried and liked. -The Lyonesse
Beer/Bottle Cap Red Crab on Turquoise Wood, 12" x 12" Ready to Hang, Signed Original, Kay Galloway (Kay's Cap Art) $75.00
Wine cork & beer cap message board
Windfarm: How to make a bottle cap table- Just one more way to do it. I like the idea of filling the bottle caps with hot glue first. Gluing would've been easier with this prep.
bottle cap magnet board
y coasters to go with my beautiful beer create table. Now I need to drink 36 craft beers to make this happen. Let the drinking fest begin.
tile mosaic
Coasters! So you can drink more drinks: | 22 DIY Ways To Reuse Empty Booze Bottles
saic Cocktail Coasters made with jar lids, tiles and resin. Great instructions and can make it say anything you want
Click on for photo inspiration of Glass Lamp Filler Ideas
Beer Cap-Tiled Floors - Protecting the Environment with Beer Caps is One Way of Being Eco-Friendly
bottle cap crafts - not that I have any bottle caps whatsoever - still a cool idea
Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box - I bet this would work well with corks too.
Before you drop that beer can or beer bottle in the recycling bin, think about its potential. From furniture to usable products to pieces of art, beer cans and bottles get a second life in these inventive creations.
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Bottle Cap Crafts DIY For men tutorials and crafts
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Beer Bottle Cap Collector Shadow Box for Beer Lovers | Craft Beer Hound
20 Rad Things You Can Make With Bottle Caps
99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall. Upcycle Bottle Caps as Magnets
Cute bottle cap earrings...
bottle cap mirror..
Windfarm: How to make a bottle cap table. been collecting for years - just need to find a table...
A Beer Cap Map For The Well Traveled Drink
A low-tech hack that brightens up the campsite. Bottle cap candles — burn 1 to 1.5 hours.
Beer cap mirror made with love
Cool idea for home bar or party decor, or use beer caps on the end of the corks for a pop of color!  This is my favorite word! CHEERS : )