Awesome! I love how this just lays it out for you!

Awesome! I love how this just lays it out for you!

Using QR Codes to teach
A towel dryer that not only dries your towels, but disinfects them with UV light. | 26 Products You Can't Believe Don't Exist Yet
Japan Develops Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters, Travels at 100km/h (62mph) | RocketNews24
Park your car in this! Well, the miniature car on your keychain, that is, because there’s no way your jeep will fit into this mini garage rack by Cairo. It was.
hitting two at the same time
Here is a new wonderful interactive SAMR visual that uses Bloom's taxonomy.
ake a Solar Water Heater for Under $5 "A word of warning, this panel works VERY WELL. We tested it on a very sunny day and within seconds the water coming out of the panel was hot enough TO SCALD. I burned my fingers."
How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling In Android | In Technology World
Aston Martin DB9
Apartment size washer and dryer article - Top 5 Washer Dryer Combos for Tiny Houses - love those small houses
Undeniable proof that "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie" have the same plot. Also, they both have Chris Pratt. :)
32-characteristics-of-high-performing-classrooms- a great list of things to strive for
One of my favorite quotes for education.
Funny Pictures of the day - (78 + new pics)
Looking for the best spelling apps for your beginning speller? Check these out! They're great beginning spelling apps for kids in kindergarten through third grade.  Older, struggling spellers would benefit too!
Zero Quickstrike #sneakerfashion #nik
Shooting a Bow: 7 Tips For Better Long-Range Accuracy
Do something unconventional with your rings. | 25 Ways To Make Your Wedding Funnier
I'm a Tow Truck Driver.... the same as a truck driver, except if you screw-up I fix it
digital pocket watch. Cool Future tech. I would so carry one!!
QR-Coded Audio Periodic Table of the Elements: A Mobile-Learning Tool
Things As They Really Are - FHE Lesson Printable.
Typewriter necklace
Eric Anderson in these classic portraits by Weston Wells!
The Net- action drama starring Sandra Bullock who's a work-at-home IT professional who has her life stolen from her and her quest to get it back.
Take. My. Money! Awesome!
bucket list before i die!
This second sequence, also showing the evolution of the Colorado Plateau, begins with the Triassic and ends roughly 5 million years ago—basically the present day, in geological terms. All maps by Ron Blakey.
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 30 Pics
How To Use Your iPad in Music Class .great infographic here. Lots of apps to explore
FIAT X 1/9
5th Grade Claymation Project - I did claymation as a 3rd grader and I remember it to this day. Thank you Mrs.Maeben for being such an awesome teacher!
The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is still the world's fastest airplane with a speed of 2,193 mph (3,530 km/h.) This fascinating video reveals how its top secret engine technology works.
Sculpture of Akhenaten, Aton temple,  Karnak.
How to become a software developer - infographic #technology #softwaredevelopment #software
Bluesmart - Carry-On Bag
Great Websites to Teach Anatomy of Human Body in 3D ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
XStat RevMedx Seals A Gunshot Wound In 15 Seconds
There's more to the Pearl than cool-looking design, though. The four-story house, which has a deck and greenhouse, would make use of alternative energy technologies, including wave and solar energy, to move it around and provide electricity.
10 Websites that Teach Coding and More Tech people, don’t miss this list of useful resources of all the websites that teach you coding and more.