Eye Sharpening – Photoshop Tutorial - Thehomesteadsurvival

Eye Sharpening – Photoshop Tutorial - Thehomesteadsurvival

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How to....create a circle of words in Photoshop Elements. Not photography, but to use with my photos. It counts, right?
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Picture of our cars. Ethan rear & my front end, leaning out the car kissing. With the words "on top" like this one. :)
Highlighting and contouring in Photoshop: Fill a blank layer with 50% grey and place it on the soft light blend mode. Then paint with either a low opacity (10-15%) white paintbrush to highlight or a low opacity (10-15%) black paintbrush to darken.
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wedding pics
OUNTAIN ANATOMY by feru-leru, via Flickr
Sir Patrick Stewart :-)
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Horse, out of bounds. i just had to pin this cause its sooo cool!!
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Red bridge, bro, curves, swirl, water, breathtaking, architechture, photograph, photo
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Ever get a great shot only to discover that you had your finger over the lens? Don’t despair; this short video shows you how to use the Clone tool to erase unwanted objects from your photo.
a spiritual experience when you see it
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