inecraft Story Map for Kids: Teach Creative Writing with Minecraft

inecraft Story Map for Kids: Teach Creative Writing with Minecraft

awesome anchor chart. Make the chart and laminate it. With each story read, use post it notes to answer.
Here's a fun graphic organizer to use with older students. The parts of the Story Hat Map include characters, setting, conflict, resolution, and theme. Many of Dr. Seuss's more advanced books would work well with this story map.
I like this idea. A little too young for the age group I'm wanting to teach. But I could use this as an idea for an older student. And who knows, maybe it'll make the student will feel like this is simpler.
Story Hat Map!
Awesome Book of Mormon Study Guide: Diagrams, Doodles, and Insights! Scripture journal filled with study pages that are great for every age! Youth and adults will love this! This has story maps to help you follow the amazing stories, helps for understandi
Printable page to help students with mapping stories.
story elements
Look Whoo's in First: AND OFF THEY GO!!
Story Map (with Central Message)
i think i want to make this for mini lessons with different stories and for reading groups. i always lose the sticky notes. lol
Story Map Foldables- includes 4 different versions. Great for literacy centers and reader's notebooks!
Kat's Classroom Crafts: Language Arts
Journal About Characters
student response: story map
This is a fun graphic organizer to use during a fairy tales unit. Students will work on the elements of a story. PERFECT!
y son will be in 4th grade this year and is a VERY visual learner.  I think people tend to use these types of activities for the younger ages but the older ages can benefit from these types of things, too!
story map -- draw a path down the middle of a large sheet of bulletin board paper. At one end of the path, write "Once upon a time" & at the other end write "The End" > walk down the path and retell the story
Story path could also be used to tell each child's life story or the story of a particular event. Interactive timeline..could be useful for trauma histories...create alternate paths
Dr Seuss: Corkboard Connections: Story Hat Map - Two fun variations of a plot map graphic organizer - not just for the little ones!
$1.50  - great for first grade!   4 story maps: 1.  Telling Map: colors of Pete's shoes 2.  Sequencing Map:  retelling the story 3.  Cause & Effect Map:  Pete stepped in ____ t...
This collection of 10 PDF graphic organizers for teaching literature and reading includes...  •	Book Critique •	Book Critique (Customizable) •	Character Analysis •	Character Examination •	Character Examination (Customizable) •	Historical Fiction Bookmarke
First Grade a la Carte: literature
y English teacher in High School had a similar chart to remind us what we should be looking for while we read.
Book of Mormon story map (Lehi in Jerusalem)