One of the quickest total-body moves: 20 reps on each side of the balancing deadlift row.

One of the quickest total-body moves: 20 reps on each side of the balancing deadlift row.

6/2/13  Good full body no nonsense w/o. My plan was to run 1.5 x 2 alternating with this.  Lack of sleep and a respiratory illness conspired against me so that I only ran 1 mile and then did this  x 1 followed by another 1 mile walk.  Will need to try aga
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Get your workout in with this strength and cardio circuit.
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The Hulk Strength Workout / works: quads, calves, ankles, chest, shoulders, lower back, triceps, abs, biceps, front hip flexors.
Exercise... No equipment needed
Dumbbells are so useful. They're small, making them easy to store & exercise at home. They're versatile, so you can work every body part, and they're effective because you work body parts separately, so the stronger side can't compensa
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Full Body Strength
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Gravity Strength Workout / Works: Chest, abs, lateral abs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, deltoids.
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This looks like a good one! Strength sets in between quick cardio tabata blasts
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Here's a great list of various planking postures, just in case you get bore with the original! :)
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The Ball Bridge Fly is a multitasking move that works your hips, hamstrings, butt, chest, arms, and shoulders all at the same time! #exercise #workout
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