Rainbow name bracelets - so cute for a rainbow party favor or craft project!

Rainbow name bracelets - so cute for a rainbow party favor or craft project!

Add sails (paper and toothpicks) to the oranges to make jello boats. Perfect for a kids party.
Dip Oreos in colored white chocolate for an amazing display
50+ Rainbow Treats - YUMMY!!!
Kids photo booth at a birthday party. Cute idea! Or it could work for silly, fun adults as well!
ainbow ice cubes. mix koolaid and pour into ice trays. then put in glass of sprite or gingerale! Makes a great punch too
ainbow fruit kabobs2
Have a look at the amazing ideas on this site.  I love a goodie bag with zero sugar
AMY ATLAS FEATURED Art Rainbow Party Printable Blank by CutiePutti, $7.50
Love the paint brush rice krispie treats and the marshmallows!!!
Y EDIT: birthday activity. Beads and laces/ribbon available at dollarrama . The Landham Pad: Rainbow Party
Cute and easy for a bulletin board...streamer rainbow!
artist party favor -- " I enjoyed painting the rainbow with you!"
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Oreos dipped in different colors actually make a really cute display!
Rainbow Party Supplies - Plates & Napkins Party Supplies
Art party: die pasta rainbow colors for necklaces
ainbow birthday party healthy - Google Search
You Are My Sunshine Birthday Brunch
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Oreos dipped in colored chocolate
Decorate your own cupcakes- rainbow party, color of love valentines party... Really can fit a lot of themes just change the colors and types of decoration/sprinkles
party ideas
Who says rainbow food trays can only be fruit? Bring on the veggies!
Rainbow cake tutorial... I will never attempt to make this, but her description of the process is hysterical.
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Rainbow tulle
ainbow over doorway using streamers and white balloons
How to make a pony-o
Celebrate a special birthday with a rainbow of color!  Our #rainbow #ribbon and #balloons are perfect additions to this cheerful party theme.
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Craft Rookie: How to Throw a Rainbow Party
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Rainbow Art Party #party
all things simple: a simple treat: rice krispie pops - Cute party favor for Emmie's rainbow party
Kids party-  Rainbow + Chevron Arts & Crafts Party. No matter how old my niece is  she'll still let's do this for one of her parties.
favors or school valentine - "When all colors shine together, they make gold." Too cheesy for 4th grade?
Rainbow cookies!