I'd take this over a wedding ring any day: 14 Carat Solid Yellow Gold 16 Gauge 5/16 Septum Ring. by Hindged, $231.77

I'd take this over a wedding ring any day: 14 Carat Solid Yellow Gold 16 Gauge 5/16 Septum Ring. by Hindged, $231.77

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Jumana Mini. Tibetan Septum Ring - Clip
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Healed and downsized septum piercing featuring 5 gem titanium odyssey clicker.
Piercings n dreads ♥ ~ I always wanted dreads when i was little. I would still want them, but i know i'd not suit them! Piercings and i have been friends for years, but i'd not get anywhere near my mouth done (seen too many friends with sore
Septum chain Triple chain hanging style  different by AndysChains
Sterling Septum Ring by DinanRings on Etsy, $20.00
glam and trashy and chic and sparkling
Zoe Kravitz. Loving the highlights with the natural jet black hair, also loving the tiny septum
First time I've liked the look of cheek piercings on someone...
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alternative-grunge-girls: xwatchmerise: I tried curling my hair but it just looks the same help •¥¥¥•
Purple Opal Fire Hoop 16G Lip Ring Cartilage Septum by Purityjewel
Bohemian Diesel: WAR PAINT
Gold Septum Ring For Pierced Nose Flower Of Life Sacred by Sagia $28
"Never will I forget you, and all the memories past." by rukiakuchiki12341 ❤ liked on Polyvore
Hej finingar! Har julstädat heeela dagen och det är sååå fint här hemma Denna looken skulle jag säga...
@Stephanie Davis next walk the moon concert i wanna do arrows! (but not yellow, they wont show up on my skin ::sad face::)
Inspiração make (by Linda Hallberg)!
Purple Opal Fire Conch Hoop Earrings Cartilage by Purityjewel
piercing: septum with opals, tiny black medusa, and rather discreet labret piercings... so lovely!
take away the green hair and the septum piercing & i think he's adorable.
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Scene hair
14 Gauge Purple Opal Septum Ring Septum Clicker by MidnightsMojo
Sexy cat eye, septum ring, red lip, strong brows
BVLA Septum ~ MANDALAY #36-0049 Rose gold with 1.5mm faceted synthetic White Opal downward, 1mm CZ forward, & a hinge closure
Considering busting out my septum piercing again...
So pretty and dainty.
Nose Ring, Nose Jewel, Pinkish beauty. Silver! 20 gauge Septum, Nostril, Piercing Jewel for You! SMALL! on Etsy, $12.18
Assorted Septum For Non Pierced Nose - Tribal Jewelry - Indian Jewelry - Ethnic Septum - Septum Jewelry - Septum Piercing