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Good Parenting Quote by Haim Ginott.  This applies to all relationships, not just parent child relationships....friendships, marriage, siblings, etc....treat people as if they are the person you know they are capable of becoming. Treat people with uncondi
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These are the things that matter. #parenting
Great parenting quote: To the mom who is...breastfeeding, formula feeding, cloth diapering, using disposable diapers, working or staying at home...You are a good mom!
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Don't just be the memory maker... This is so hard for me to do sometimes, I'm such a planner. Are you the "memory maker" in your family?
Sometimes, little words of wisdom can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite quotes about overcoming the challenges of parenting.
I totally feel like this sometimes - and right now, my kids hate it. But, hopefully someday they will realize that we do what we do because we love them and want to keep them safe.
Better believe it!
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[GIFSET] 9x21 King of the Damned I loved Crowley in this episode
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the example we set for our kids — how to act when things don’t go our way — is much, much more important than the rules we set for them.
Anxiety:    Dear Thoughts That Don’t Deserve My Attention,     You are mostly worries about things that haven’t occurred yet and probably never will. You are mostly stories I have made up in my head. You are mostly products of a fearful mind that has been
Parenting quotes - motherhood - it breaks my heart that I won't get to see my little monkey this weekend for very long. Thankfully my jobs honored my PTOs for his birthday party weekend and birthday! :)
How true...
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