Future Transportation by Nick Kaloterakis

Future Transportation by Nick Kaloterakis

Futuristic Car: The Future Of Citroen 2CV Car
Future Technology
Vitaly Kononov is a Russian designer whose experience of narrow cobblestone streets has yielded a remarkable vehicle sure to avoid gathering moss as it zips in and out of urban traffic. Elegant simplicity at its best, the so-called Rolling Stone car uses
Giugiaro Concept: The world’s fastest hybrid, Future Vehicle, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Futuristic Car, Italdesign Quaranta
pictures of futuristic cars | Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 01
1967 Triumph XL90
This is an amazingly beautiful beast! Lada Raven concept by Dmitry Lazarev. www.diseno-art.co...
This design challenge was tackled by Christian Susana with great attention to detail, from how each portable portion (car and camper form) looks separately to how they appear as whole when plugged back together.