the best new drama! Flower Boy Next Door. Just finished this one today and loved it! l love all the characters they all had me laughing out loud!!! especially yoon shi yoon!
Tom Riddle, lookin good with a nose, and apparently just murdered someone who is lying in the corner?
Ohhhh that's an interesting one lol.  Too bad it's too late when you hear about it. Some ppl never grow up and trust the wrong ones.
classy quotes
Hmmmm.... Drama will never be out of narcissistic people's lives.!.!. only for the fact that they will never be at peace with their own self! So why not hurt people just to make up for their own jealousy and insecurities!?!?! GET A CLUE & GET MOVI
15. fun senior photography in oklahoma city choctaw // there's several of these I like
colored eyeliner looks
Here's a fun geography quiz from BuzzFeed for those obsessed with either Geography or BuzzFeed quizzes.
I HAD to pin this because I'm in love with "Call the midwife"
pium poppies w verbascum.
The Net- action drama starring Sandra Bullock who's a work-at-home IT professional who has her life stolen from her and her quest to get it back.
archesa’s Bridal Spring 2016 collection presents a hallmark of romance and drama in ethereal and dreamlike quality. Click to view the full collection:
Regilla ⚜
North & South directed by Brian Percival (TV, Mini-Series, BBC, 2004) #elizabethgaskell #fanart
Who's who at Downton Abbey (upstairs)
So jealous of the photographer that could get this shot in Holy Name Catherdral--stealthy & well done :)
You Are All Surrounded -- Police/Mystery drama. Literally the best. I loved everything about this one. The cast was perfection and the mystery was amazing. Love.
Goethe's Poems (1874) a stunning example of a wedding guest book.
Venetian mask
Ouran High school Host Club. I NEED TO SEE THIS
Take it on back!!!
Is it bad that I accidentally say these in normal conversations and my friends think I'm crazy?
So how I feel today!
Dramatic animals funny
Apple of My Eye Overnight Oats | The Breakfast Drama Queen
aria Callas opera singer and flame of Onasis prior to Jackie Kennedy - MY DREAM AS A TEENAGER WAS TO FOLLOW IN HER OPERA SINGING FOOTSTEPS..
Theater Games for Young Children - Naturally Educational
Kim Soo Hyun
Amp up the drama with statement heels and #HUE #tights! #BrightTights
harry potter tumblr
agali Barbe, John Galliano inspired
17 Top Kitchen Design Trends | Kitchen Ideas & Design with Cabinets, Islands, Backsplashes | HGTV
images of drama quotes | Nice quote... | Inspirational Quotes - Pictures - Motivational ...
amazing cake
This is so true.
How to make your interiors shine with natural light