Someone give this man an award.

Someone give this man an award.

Flute Sheet Music: Fireflies - ok, I'm unamused that this is called "sheet music", but I do understand it, and I would totally drag out my flute if it weren't past midnight.
And here begins the obsession with oddly built fantasy homes...
Owl City......  oxymoron. owl city makes me want to dance.Which is fun. except when i pull a muscle....but anyway. thats not keeping calm.
Look what I found on tumbler!!! Wow I feel like I can't draw... at all....
Fireflies - Owl City
Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly ...
This is about the truest thing I have seen all year.
Adam knows
Hoot Hoot by Fantastic Hysteria, via Behance
/owl citywho ever said reality is lovely dont look around much and see all the suffering and misery i see
David Tennant
I normally do not have song that made me cry on the first listen, but this song made me cry. Owl City has done it again with this song with Britt Nicole. I love the simplicity of the music and the lyrics are powerful. The verses that came to mind for this
His flirting skills are on point. | 20 Reasons Owl City Is Basically Us
Owl City - Up All Night (Official Visualizer) Love the sparklers, and the wilderness, and the hiking, and the words. (:
Brielle - Sky Sailing (Adam Young)