dern Container Home

dern Container Home

Shipping container houses.
Shipping Container Homes: Cargotecture by Hybrid Architecture Container Home
Toronto-based housing company MEKA -- that is, modular, environmental, kinetic, assembly -- made national headlines with the launch of small container homes this week.  Seeking the ultimate trifecta of style, sustainability, and affordability, this start-
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OMG this is the vision in my head of my shipping container home one day! Must show DH! Our plans have a realistic version!
Shipping Container House by Cubular, New Zealand
Container Home, Not a Tiny House but thinking outside the box.
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|| How to do every stage of a shipping container house, from foundation to paint to walls to windows
Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home. I love the idea of rooftop space
ZenKaya: casa prefabricada - Eric Bigot. I would love to have something like this out on a mountain
Interesting idea. Container home.
Juvet landscape hotel in Norway, Experience nature and an inspiring design
Storage Container Home floor plan.
10 Cool Shipping Container Homes
The Quickshack is a new modular product from Quicksmart Homes, but unlike our Big Brother, our minimum order is one module.  Made from shipping container parts and clad in quality timber, the Quickshack is robust, beautifully designed, and perfectly suite
Live Off The Grid In Your Own Upcycled Shipping Container Home
Shipping Container Home
This Rusty Shipping Container Seems Abandoned. But Look Inside…It’s Actually A Home! ♥ tiny houses
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container house with angles - Completed FR8 House | Flickr
Cargo Container House Plans
Sushi Box- a Shipping Container Restaurant in Texas
Shipping Container Home Designs
Container Home
15 Amazing Shipping Container Homes
31 Shipping Container Home by ZieglerBuild (8)
Probably a few $$ more than re-purposing a shipping container , or the usual Tiny Hose, but also way cooler....
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Nova Deko Modular Milan
Shipping Container Homes: High Country Green Boxes, DwellBox - Boone, North Carolina, - 5 Shipping Container Home
Container Home Costs and Prices
“The patio was always part of the original design, as we knew we would be living inside and outside during the warmer months,” says Horne. “Keeping it covered also helps keep it dry and provides a feeling of containment.” The wicker swing chairs are from
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Cost estimates.
15 Epic Shipping Container Homes - Luxury Homes Built From Shipping Containers
cargo house two story-how to: Buying, Designing & Building Cargo Container Homes