Jean's mini garden in a broken pot

Jean's mini garden in a broken pot

Photo 31 of 55: Fairy Garden Party / Birthday "Emelia's Magical Fairy Garden Party" | Catch My Party
Interesting...I bet this would be good for kitchens and living on the coast too. lol...gardening here is so fickle
Bury a pot half way in the soil fairy house in a tiny garden. Clay color ,add a door, etc.
mArtScience: Stop and look for fairies. I love the bike made out of buttons & toothepicks!
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tropical plant fairy garden
Small handmade woodland fairy garden by DragonflyStudioArts, $14.99
You can plant little mini gardens inside of steel pipe edging. | 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer
Instead of a terrarium, turn a basket into a delightful little fairy garden.
Great website for inspiration and to purchase fairy garden accessories.
Fairy gardens- I need a wagon
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<input+class="jpibfi"+type="hidden"+>There+are+many+creative+and+interesting ways+to+repurpose+old+tires+into+some+useful+items,+such+as+furniture,+a mini+garden+pond+and+a+plant+pot.+You+can+even+make+some+nice+garden+decors!+He
Just buy a large sheet of corrugated metal at home depot and keep on hand to cut and wrap around glass containers for great centerpieces.
Brand new items in our Studio M Gypsy Garden collection are coming out in January!! #minigarden
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How to make a terrarium: Create a mini garden in a glass bowl- it's the ultimate small garden!
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Coolest idea yet..... Mailbox in the garden to hold gloves and tools. Keeps things dry and clean and right where you need them. Could make this really cute too!
Plants for Fairy Garden
painted rock art by MyGardenRocks on Etsy
Stone sheets make for a no-brainer solution for the miniature garden patio.
DIY Pom Pom tree
Sometimes it's okay to go faux. The succulents in this little garden are all plastic! If an artificial botanical does justice to the real thing, it can be a wonderful tool. If it looks fake, then the magic of the garden disappears and the artificial p
miniature garden :)
Fairy Gardens can be created in different and interesting containers!  We love this tiny garden in a coffee cup!  So cute!
Genevieve Gail: Atlanta Gift Mart Recap and the new Mini Garden additions launched with Magnet Works /Adorable Fairy Garden!
Tank terrarium...but my question...can I make a terrarium I can eat?  Ok, not eat...but with herbs.  I'm thinking I can make this happen.  I've been wanting to start an herb garden.
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iniature Garden
Bag planting  To make gardening quick and easy, Anne sometimes plants lettuce (and other seeds) right in a potting soil bag that has a section cut out of the side. The mini garden can be transported easily from the hoop house to the garden and back if fro
teacup fairy garden -- great Mother's Day gift!