He calls me beautiful one....  Songs of Solomon 2:1-17
the guggenheim museum, NYC
Rainbow Lorikeets
Hosta garden
Batman vs Solomon Grundy
King Solomon Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain 24 Kt Gold and Silver Plated
Beautiful Nicobar Pigeons
Learn how to tie a Cobra Knot. So many DIY projects use this technique, here's an easy tutorial.
Pretty cool.... idk what I would use it for, probably to store all my stuff that nobody else was allowed to touch :P
Hepatica....... Might be my new favorite flower!!!!
want to buy tablecloth like this for sweetheart table
Crab, Cocos Islands
Song of Solomon with Heart Barnwood Sign by MsDsSigns on Etsy
Ascension of King Solomon: According to some legends, King Solomon of Israel had a flying machine that enabled him to travel great distances and make maps of the world. Ancient alien theorists have observed that many religious texts feature various types
✯ Lavender Fields - France
Oasis at Ein Gedi, Israel This is where King David would go to hide an spend time with God
Love, Marriage, Christian Scripture Sign - I have found the one whom my soul loves - Song of Solomon 3:4 sign by PearlyBirdDesigns
How to Make a Thin Solomon Bar Bracelet - I think this would be fun to do over a ipod cord maybe?
I have found the one whom my soul loves song by PearlyBirdDesigns
By combining  hardy ferns ,  ligularia ,  variegated Solomon's seal  and others, there's no denying that this would be a sweet spot to relax on a hot summer day.
Amazing birds
This is a simple set of black & white chains that I used with my class to study Samson. The kids really loved it! I printed the pages onto gold paper, and they cut them out and stapled the facts of Samson in order to make the chain.  You can see more
Gonna make a couple of signs like this to dot around the room, with our favourite scriptures or quotes from books and movies
Scripture sign "I've found the one whom my soul loves" or customize your own sign! by bluejayloves on Etsy, $40.00
Handpainted canvas paintings
Research Indicates Mary Magdalene was Black and of Ethiopian lineage. Using the Old Testament of the Bible as a basis for much of her research, Johnson asserts that it is very possible that Mary Magdalene was of the lineage of King Solomon and the Queen o
lly Guy - Stone Fox Brid
#anime #boy
Two become One - Soul Loves 13"w x14"h hand-painted wood sign
Ebony #touch
Solomon Cowl
lilies. wow! this beautiful
house plants e card
Love knots step by step!