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Photographer Dane Shitagi created the Ballerina Project as an ongoing exploration of the elegant beauty of ballerinas. The project initially began in Honolulu, Hawaii, but has since taken to the city streets of New York, Boston, and Toronto
city street art : Phot
French Quarter, New Orleans
California Street, San Francisco. Amazing shot by Joseph Dannels. #JetsetterCurator
Latin Quarter - Paris, France - latin influences in cross sections and streets can bring a creative and soothing feel to local businesses.
Ancient Street, Torgron, Italy
I like big cities because even though they're crowded, they're also easier to get lost in.
New York City street by Shht!, via Flickr Print this pic out for Alyssa (room decor), dreams of going and there and being a star
Budapest, Hungary
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I've been to NYC many times but I've never seen the streets this empty loll!
Snow and Christmas Lights on City Street, Winnipeg, Canada
Julia Solis explores and photographs forgotten, paint-chipped mental hospitals, ancient tunnels beneath the city streets, and the detritus left behind after institutions fall into disrepair and become obsolete. She took these photos of abandoned theaters
Take to the city streets. | 47 Brilliant Tips To Getting An Amazing Senior Portrait
A kind reminder that it's not u, it's just them. Pray for them.
6th Avenue
pop of floral //
Vicolo 2 by Igor Sava
NYC Street Style Denim - New York City Street Style Jean Shorts, Pants, Tops, Vests, Jackets and More - ELLE
Something like this for Jessie's wedding in the Sault and when I go riding at aunt Dori's
Florence, Italy
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Looking chicly wonderful on the city streets all summer long. 1950s
Anne Biss embroidered map
Stone Street, NYC
Paris-based photographer Little Shao (aka Thinh Souvannarath) unites the two in his dance-inspired photo series. His beautiful artworks depict athletic, graceful ballet dancers — many in pedestrian clothes — set in urban environments.
Rooftop Oasis
Street Art by Oakoak 6
Some Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "One Tree Hill"  Wilmington renamed a city street to “One Tree Hill Way.”
Print Art Ink Drawing City Street Art Painting Illustration Gift Girl with Umbrella Autographed by artist Emanuel M. Ologeanu
City Street style: perfect black maxi dress