55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Right now we have only one bathroom. If we were to build an attic master bedroom, a bathroom of this open design would be a beautiful addition to the space.
Its not enough that your hotel room / bungalow is on top of a crystal clear body of water, but the bathtub is....
Parisian Apartment
Feminine Bathrooms
// raymond bulman
Floating for stress relief and relaxation. You float in a dark tank of epsom salt and water with earplugs in for one hour. Supposedly as beneficial as 4 hours of deep sleep.
So I think I know how Kalee and I are going to design our appartment if we ever do the Twin living together to save money thing lol
Horse Trough Bath idea~ I love this bathtub with overhead shower made from a horse trough. What a great economical idea for a rustic bathroom in a vacation home, beach house or cabin. You can also use the hourse troughs as planters outside!
aster Bath
this tub!
This is a really simple step – all you have to do is fill a bathtub full of hot water and mix in 5-10 drops of tea tree oil (helps to kill any outside infection) and a cup of sea salt (a natural exfoliator).
Homemade Tub Cleaner
Easy homemade bathtub paint that the kids will lov
Trough bath
concrete bathroom
Absolutely love the windows on top of the vanity. Great natural light with privacy.
love this bathroom :)
Jenna Lyon's Townhouse - See what the new owners have done!
Victorian Gothic. nice to dream ....
deep soaking bathtubs for small bathrooms | Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms
Actually for my ducks, but - the pool is large, and easy to clean out. I dug a small pit under the pool, and I put the pool over the pit. The pit is smaller than the pool in diameter. There is a hole drilled in the center of the pool, with an ordinary whi
Use a tension rod to hang a curtain over the bathtub (this is an old bedspread repurposed as curtain panels). | 11 Magnolia Lane
custom wooden bath tub made of walnut
One elephant in the bathtub Going for a swim. Knock, Knock, (Clap twice with “Knock, Knock.”) Splash, Splash, (Slap knees twice with “Splash, Splash.”) Come on in! (Motion with both hands to come in.)
Amazing emerald bath in La Sultana Marrakech in Marrakech, Morocco
wall color
Built-In Starry Lights Above the Bathtub | 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home
now I am just dreaming ...  if there is no room in the main bath, how about a vintage claw foot in the main bedroom?
Vintage Los
What a sneaky elf...
Tiberio suite bathroom at Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy
inimalist tub.
For years, I spent so much time washing blinds while they stayed hung up.  It was always annoying, back-breaking and arm-aching. I still never felt like I could get them clean enough!  Then I heard about this trick!
ORGANICO | BathtubRectangular bathtub, Design by Jaime Hayón  new shape of bathtub  #design #japan #bath
Tub tea recipe for the bath
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