“From Your Seat” is a great brain break, action song to make it easy and fun to take a quick energy break. Your kids will have a blast with this fun action song that they can do right from their chair or sitting on the floor! This movement song is great f
Read about how I randomly match kids to create partners/small groups. Fun tips!
Greater Than/Less Than Song and Whole Group Activity our kids LOVE alligator! I taught kinders this concept and they picked it up in NO time :)
Descriptive writing activities with a superhero theme! Part of a whole set of activities, K-6!
Website with different timers you can project on the screen for the class to see.
Group Games
Word family practice for fluency, decoding, phonics.  SHAKE-A-WORD is great for small groups, guided reading warm ups, partners or RTI / Intervention groups.
Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Stamping with Blocks I like to start each year with a group activity as we learn how to work together. This particular activity was stamping with nesting blocks turned upside down.
Paint Dot Art from It Happens in a Blink
*****************************************************************************Engage students and boost their love for learning Math! Get your students paying attention from minute 1 with this unique activity!***********************************************
Calzones are a fun alternative to pizza and a great way to get your family in to the kitchen and baking with you.
It can be very difficult for children (and adults) to let go of past hurts. Hanging onto negative thoughts and feelings towards others can make us feel isolated and overwhelmed by negative emotions. Many of my students hang onto … Continue reading →
Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: I CAN!
How to make a safari hat is perfect for using with the book, We're Going on a Lion Hunt!
Corkboard Connections: Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom
This link contains printable pictures of animals that belong in the listed habitats.  This would be a great assessment tool or group activity, especially since some of the animals are unfamiliar and students would have to rely solely on physical character
What makes an activity 'Montessori'? Infographic via Racheous – Lovable Learning
for girls camp we could do these in 3 days and end up building the temple if we shape the boxes right!
Easter is just around the corner! Class parties, play group activities, family gatherings - all of them usually require some kind of treat or dessert. We have just what you need: a fast and simple recipe that will feed a crowd and please even the pickiest
something like this for group activity? each students makes small part all together its a whole piece of art.
Recipes from Stephanie: Random Acts of Kindness
fishing for numbers and colors
COOPERATION: 12 GROUP ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS - The Inspired Treehouse. Teach kids to work as a team, inspire creative movement and more with these fun activities for kids!
Group counseling activities - fear in a hat. Could adapt w/ various topics for family sessions.
11 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard  Would be a fun class or group activity.
Sad Tooth/Happy Tooth/Mag. Pictures  "Sad tooth, sad tooth, full of tooth decay.  Sweets and soda pop made me this way." "Happy tooth, happy tooth shiny and bright, brushing keeps me healthy and white."
Rhyming bridge is falling down,  falling down,  falling down,  Rhyming bridge is falling down  My fair lady-o.  Whoever was caught in the bridge had to come up with a pair of words that rhymed before they were released.  eg. bear, chair
"All About Me" book. It says for preschoolers, but I think I could make it work for any age.
9 creative sidewalk chalk photos | BabyCenter Blog
Paper geometric mobile tutorial
Story re telling rope. Such a great idea to prompt students to look for characters setting etc when re telling stories.
ake these and keep on hand for date nights ~ perfect to get the conversation started and to have some fun.
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Journal Wizard: Group activity on box and whisker plots
20 Activities that work for multi-age groups
Sight Word Ties - Pre-Primer - The Wearable Sight Word Activity  Sight word ties are a fun way for students to practice reading, writing and recognizing sight words. What a fabulous way to inform parents of what is happening in the classroom!   Can be use