lizard & ladybug: a very creative 'under the sea' birthday party
Leafy sea dragon by Todd Aki
Sea Dragon
Blue sea slug (Glaucus atlanticus) ~ not exactly a baby animal but just as tiny and adorable!
Sea Dragon by Warren Keelan
Sea dragon with full tummy - amazingly beautiful! looks like he ate a couple of tiny people hahaha
This sea creature was found in California. No one is able to say what it is but it looks like a dragon. So much is still unknown about the ocean.
Leafy sea dragon...beautiful!
Leafy Sea Dragon. These creatures have adapted some of the most ornate and effective camouflage of any creature on the planet. These striking sea horse relatives are found only in the drifting seaweed and undersea forests of Australia.
Golden Sea Dragon by Carla Bratt.
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