There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

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last shot of the night. absolutely love this.
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Elevator Buttons; a piece of cardboard (cut out of a cereal box), googly eyes (for our press-able buttons), circular stickers (slightly smaller diameter then the googly eyes) and numerical stickers (optional).
This massive steel door was originally mounted in the side of Titanic's hull. It was the "front door" for the first-class passengers. Once through this door, passengers would hurry to reserve the best tables in the Dining Room or take the el
I like the one with the pringle tin, could decorate it to suit the kitchen instead of the branding on it!
This Paradise Valley, Arizona home is a must see!
I laughed to hard
Life is like an elevator
When you’re the only person on the elevator NOT looking at your smartphone:
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Peruri 88 is approximately a 360,000 square-meter 88-story high rise mixed-use district in the heart of Jakarta’s capitol region.
how to use natural light to get a glowing white background. this site has awesome photo takin' advice
mg I had this.....loved it!!
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SOOO doing this!!
Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics
Julianna Margulies "The Bad Wife" for Harper's Bazaar
The Eternal Evidence by Rene Magritte
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I would love a house with all the cool amenities listed in this article, with the exception of this bathroom floor above an abyss...that and the see-through bathtub...I hate doing windows...
You haven’t fully processed the fact that your cat’s demands have become increasingly elaborate in nature:
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aster Your Elevator Pitch
#HowToMakeAnything - How to Make a Dumbwaiter - Popular Mechanics
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This is AWESOME! The instructions said, “use a gal jar and a type of stand place the jar in the water on it’s side, let it fill with water(completely sbmerged) then tip it up slowly bottom up, and place the jar mouth into the stand, making sure to keep th
San Francisco Night
Diversity Bulletin Board... I like the acronym, not the birthday part though
Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, Austria
Love this I can make it like a gymnastics bed! I can put a rope up on the ceiling so I can climb up and then bars next to it so I can swing down!
The Grand Wailea, Hawaii 25,700-square-ft wet playground's a destination in itself (guests receive a map upon entry). 9 pools at 6 levels (40 ft to sea level) connected by a river that carries swimmers along at varying speeds, lazy river currents to w
Simpsons Animator Liz Climo Creates Incredibly Cute Animal Comics on Tumblr | Bored Panda
Flydalsjuvet, Geiranger, Norway.
Natural Updo
"Abandoned place along railroad tracks in Kansas"
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WhOoo!!  That's so frikkin Awesomely Scary ~ Shark Floor.. would Totally LOVE this in a shower!!  Imagine!! ≧`)))>
filthcityphotography: Chesapeake Grain Elevator on Flickr.