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Autobiography Island - Shake up how you get to know your students. could be a good way to introduce a mini lesson/assesment on map skills
Students using Videos for Math, ELA, Science, Humanities and more!
Easy Crab Salad Rolls. Best taste of summer!
Genius Hour Sample Rubric - student reflection page; helps teacher understand where student is
Literacy & Math Ideas: Vary Sentence Structure
draw something cue cards
"Puppy Room" for students in a University in Canada - WTF fun facts: Win-Win situation helps w/ puppy training and reliving stress :D
Affordable end of the year gifts for students
Root of the Week - The Brown-Bag Teacher
How Can Music Inspire Social Change?
This looks fun!!
Students build a 20 ft long Geologic Timeline!
Cosmetology school isn’t all just hair and makeup! 4 Surprising Things You'll Learn in Cosmetology School
Learning styles infographic
Great idea for beginning of year, have students and parents fill out their favorites.  Do the self portrait if time, or on first day...
▶ The only way you will ever need to teach theme - YouTube
How to Teach Manners in the Preschool Classroom
Growing in Pre K - Ideas throw a ball around the circle having students answer a question
ake learning fun and engaging by sending your students on a novel scavenger hunt using sticky notes with printed questions on them!  $
Worm craft for children. Make a worm using a stick, pipe cleaners and pom poms. #kidscraft #preschool
Watermelon Cakes Made by Students and Reader's of Nita's Blog
Oakdale School near Loyston, Tennessee. 1933
I will use this in my classroom because it shows great classroom organization. Some students may not finish their work so having an area for them to place it and come back to finish it later is a very good idea so they can have a full opportunity to get c
Blurt chart. Students take down one smiley face anytime they blurt out. Students can either get 3 blurts per day or week depending on your class
Choose from 56 End-of-Year Candy Bar Awards for your students! Theres so many candy bar awards to choose from, so Ive compiled them all into one...
What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core Data Checklists! They have grades K, 1 and 5 posted now - I'm staying tuned for when they put out 3rd grade!
Love this quote - class decor idea
Sorry! It's a music game ;) My students are playing my new game adaptation. "Sorry" for music staff reading! :) They loved it!
Student Goal Setting and Data Portfolios for 1st - 6th grades. Includes posters, data tracking pages, goal setting forms, section covers, reflection pages, and home/school connection. Also available in bundles for individuals and school sites. Also availa
LOVE this school year Memory Book! Have to make this for the kids.... NEED to get a dang Cricut machine first though cause what a pain it would be to cut out every single thing to make gobzillions of memory books!
20 Breakfasts From Around the World - Infographics to enhance (visual) cultural diversity in the classroom
ading nook between two filing cabinets: the colors aren't my thing, but I love the idea.
No more, "I don't know" responses! LOVE
Get elementary lesson plans, enrichment activities, assessment rubrics, & more.
Help your students remember the important future tense irregular verbs and their stems with these colorful classroom signs. Just print in color an...
Paper Airplane Golf We could have paper airplane making stations. Then we could have different baskets all over the student room Students can write their name on their planes and try to get them in the baskets throwing them from the mez Student with the m
Are you a college student looking to pull in some extra bucks? Then this list of side jobs for college students should give you some good idea!
Instructional Strategies
Synonym Rolls - Love it!
Students write a story using all the kooky names on a paint strip! This is one great idea!
Teaching for Fame and Money: Anchor Charts & Classroom Management