A large puppet of the rarely seen Russian Sneaker Headed Black Ostrich

A large puppet of the rarely seen Russian Sneaker Headed Black Ostrich

We would still watch it, misha. We would. "By the holy father, Crowley the couch has dean the duster!! Quick soapy-Sam we must go rescue him!!!"<<<that comment!!!!!!!!
Hulk v Hulkbuster fight - Definitely going to be something for all the MARVEL Fanboy/girls to nerdgasm over!
have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week
Books about children's emotions. All about me theme.
for all the emotionally empty places that seem overwhelmingly social. Jenny Yu
Paper cup dragons for blowing fire! Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten: Chinese New Year.
Clothes pin art
Sexual Abuse | Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse: Playful Activities for Traumatized Children: This innovative book combines a therapeutic story with a variety of activities to help children cope with sexual abuse and complex trauma. Therapeutic game
The First Week of School and Classroom Pictures - color words and retell... Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?
Handmade Take Along Finger Puppet Theater. Such a fun busy bag idea for kids!!
nster art on POST-IT NOTES by Don Kenn!  john320.jpg 421×700 pixels
I need to make these... not like I have little kids, but that fox looks like my dog! Maybe I'll even make it into a pillow ♥ A Rooster Jay pillow
Felt finger puppets. @KathrynEaster - memories of street vendor in NYC in our Molson days??
Fun craft for the kids.
DIY: How to Make a Sock Puppet
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at www.etsy.com/...
such a cute idea from land of nod.   I could see my craftier friends sewing their own.  I especially like the suction cup hangers.
Quick Craft for Kids -- Silly Stick Puppets to inspire plenty of imaginative playtime fun!
I'm Your Puppet! How to Make Puppets- 25 Creative Ideas!
Craft inspiration: Adorable felt pirate finger puppets
dels de titelles de dit (feltre)
How to Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater (with simple foam stickers) #kids #play
1000 Life Hacks, more things to do when I have absolutely NOTHING to do what so ever. Kinda useful when you babysit and/or when there's a power cut
Hand puppets
Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets.  These are super easy to put together and make such a fun weekend craft for the kids!
Storytime and more: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Pattern,use for felt boards, stick puppets, attach magnets or print onto a magnet sheet.
Complete set heroes Finger Puppet Set by GracefullyGeeky on Etsy, $30.00
Printable frog puppets for the song "Five Little Speckled Frogs." I love the actual log and the blue tissue paper pond.
finger puppet elephant
With or Without Nap: Fishy Handprint Puppets
Pirate finger puppets
bright apple blossom: Animal Finger Puppet Valentines
Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater
Pig pot holders!
Tree embroidery guidelines
arionettes and Puppets
#themuppetshow #themuppets #muppeteers #muppets #puppets
felt finger puppets
topo gigio on ed sullivan.loved him!
NurtureStoreDaffodil crafts and rainbow activities :: Play Planner » NurtureStore
Ahahaha, this is most likely for Easter/spring, but how funny would this be for "Duck, Rabbit!" ;o)
Bee headband! (click for other great bee ideas like beekeeper puppet)
Wild Things Paper Bag Puppets