Fun game idea for a Lego-themed party. Put Legos in a jar, they have to guess how many. The one who comes closest gets the jar of Legos.

Fun game idea for a Lego-themed party. Put Legos in a jar, they have to guess how many. The one who comes closest gets the jar of Legos.

Underwater Jello Treats - Fun recipe idea to make with kids!
Lego Party ideas
Build a huge Lego village with me?
20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers | One comment added Legos - put the pieces for a small set in One color of egg so that kid gets a full Lego to build...
Lego Birthday Party - Banner
i could see myself doing this.
boys and their toys
LEGO Friends Inspire Girls Globally: LEGO Friends Birthday Party ideas
DIY Lego Vase....I don't think it has to be this complicated! Haha! But the idea is cute
Use a tire from a tractor in the toy aisle!! Miniature tire swing for the fairy garden
20 Totally Amazing AND Useful Things Made of Legos.I really like the rubik's cube solver.
ykonos, Greece
Lego Wrangler- Want !!
ABC order with spelling words using Legos...GENIUS!... could do with numbers or decimals too - least to greatest
Do you want to build a.... ...spaceship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Imagine how much easier laundry will be with this DIY mobile laundry station!
3x4 activity cards for kids- Oh I love this! I can see putting these on index cards and then laminating the whole thing and giving the kids a kit of these cards and dry erase markers for a road trip. Too fun!
"Library Lego Checkout Club" - such a cool idea! Everytime a child checks out books, they get to add 3 legos to a tower in the children's room. --> might be a great addition to summer reading
Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box
Simple Science - Earthquake Experiment
Lego Starwars
For more information on this recipe, click the infographic to see the entire post where she goes into more details.
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Lego party
15 Insane LEGO Creations | Andy's Room | A 30”x36” replica of Andy's room from Toy Story. (More photos via.)
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Awesome DIY LEGO table built using an inexpensive IKEA table
Here's a 150,000-piece LEGO creation of Helm's Deep, from "Lord of the Rings":
Cute little batman
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alteser Slice - this is my most requested slice! | Bake Play Smil
How to build a working Lego candy dispenser! Step-by-step instructions.
The ULTIMATE DIY PVC Play Table that folds up in a bag! Perfect for LEGO, Train Sets, Cars, Farm and Zoo play and more! Slide it under the couch or bed- or take it apart and store it in a bag! From Lalymom - Great DIY gift for kids or everyday play kids a
Doing this today! -> Lego car with balloon power
Use washi tape to transform your lego duplo blocks into fresh new blocks to build with. Matching and counting activities too!
25 Gifts to Make for Men this Christmas
Gift guide for your LEGO lover - includes clocks, games, toys, books, clothes, and more!
ath fun with Legos
lego table. this one sits on casters. and slides under the bed. out of sight. out of mind. and still organized.
The Art of the Brick: Amazing LEGO Creations (PHOTOS)