A candid shot of an irritable hamster on a lunch break. | 25 Pictures That Will Make Your Day A Little Cuter

A candid shot of an irritable hamster on a lunch break. | 25 Pictures That Will Make Your Day A Little Cuter

Dwarf Hamsters
arty the super happy rat
Organizing Pet Supplies - Well-Groomed Home...love how the curtain was added. Looks like an easy DIY
Black Polywhite Dominant Spot sh hamster (aa - L_Dsdswh*pwh^p).
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Thankstree house under the stairs... love this idea :) awesome pin
No classroom is complete with out a pet or two. Our class pet will be fish that will be housed in this cool fish tank. The students will take turns feeding and caring for our fish.
monty python and the holy grail.. humor.. 12x15... quote poster. $15.00, via Etsy.
Natural Bi-color Sapphire - 3.03 CT.
19 hamsters doing people things. This little guy is going on a sugar binge. So cute!
Beautiful face
Hamster Doodles
this would be the most amazing tubbing ride EVER! you cant fall out and can see the water beneath you!
How to Make Cage Accessories - extra shelves!
I mean, come on // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
27 Hamster Safety Tips - Dwarf Hamster Blog
Wiffle Ball Forager
Animals that are ready for sweater weather! This isn't really about nature, but these animals are cute anyway!
Yep. That's a hamster. In a hamster bar. Eating sushi.
DIY sand bath for the hamster
25 Most Adorable Baby Animals From OneBigPhoto
Crazy animal mashups - the dog and killer whale are the best!
soph squad ☼
99 more amazing pictures of cute and funny animals!
Roborovski Hamsters (Robo) or dwarf hamsters.  They are very little, fast, and so cute.  We have 4 of them!   :)
Hamster cage
Wooden domes can be made by cutting pieces of wood to a desired length, drilling holes in them, baking them to disinfect them, and then stri...
Syrian Hamster
Pile o hamsters
WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts
So funny
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