Sight Word Homework: Dolch List. Send home one per week. Includes flash cards for students to keep at home.

Sight Word Homework: Dolch List. Send home one per week. Includes flash cards for students to keep at home.

Color and Read: Early Emergent and Emergent Readers for 9 different colors ~ includes beginning sight word practice, too! | This Reading Mama
10 Novels That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You | Julie Buntin ~ adding these to my "must-read" list!!
ABC order with spelling words using Legos...GENIUS!... could do with numbers or decimals too - least to greatest
Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids~use with sight words as well as upper and lower case letters, and even numbers
numbered cars and parking spots. fun learning activity for preschoolers.
Word Work
Hang Earth Day word cards around the room. Students hunt for the words and write them down on recording sheet. Great for center activity.
Fluency 1 - Work on expression and fluency by having the students read a paragraph after choosing one of these cards that gives them a different voice or action to do while reading. It keeps their attention while they're learning different ways to rea
The Must-Have Guided Reading Binder for Teachers. Binder covers, section dividers, divider tabs, binder spines, alphabet and sight word assessments, student data sheets and so. much. more.
100 language activities :: alphabet, spelling, sight words, creative writing, storytelling, language development. Multi-sensory, play-based ideas.
Super Sight Words! So many FUN ways to learn a sight word on each page!
One student calls out an answer and another one erases the problem.
Say it, build it, write it sight word activity with Dollar Store cookie sheets.
Fine motor practice and sight word work in one. Great literacy center idea.
Sample student word-learning game from the packet "Building a First Grade Word Wall." This packet includes a word wall alphabet, a complete set of first grade word wall cards (including word families, sight words, contractions, and more), and wo
This interactive notebook provides a variety of ways for your students to practice their sight words. No more loose papers! Your students will have all their sight word work together in one place as a handy reference.
Writing Station Activities for Young Learners-Students will write down sight words from their word wall for their grade level, Kindergarten or First Grade to complete this activity.
Sight Word Popsicle Stick Puzzles from And Next Comes L
Sight words...spelling?
Sight word hopscotch idea from Lohtown Life. I bet this would work for spelling words for older children too.
Letter Pounding-styrofoam, golf tees, a permanent marker, and a toy hammer. Visual perceptual, fine motor, bilateral. Could then have kiddo put a marble on top of the golf tee for more fine motor. Lots of things you can adapt for this activity...Mount on
sight words
Sight Words with snap cubes....that's what we can use those things for!!! Word work and fine motor skills!
Kindergarten Sight Word Bingo
Popcorn math centers: equations, numbers to represent, etc Popcorn Lit centers: sight words to write, use in sentences, etc
Painting sight words is so much fun!
Sight Word Poems
Car ABC matching for transportation them
Sight Word Stars - Students pick a word and a book - how many times can they find that word in their book??
Station (diverse learners) : This would be great for vocabulary. The students can sign the word and describe what it means. This also works on fine motor skills for students who are diverse and can also be good practice for all learners.
This may seriously be one of the most unique, age appropriate, best practices ideas for 1st grade tech-infused teaching & learning! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Technology: QR Fun!
A note to send home to parents giving ideas on how they can work on sight words at home.
Prek letters and numbers
Very First Sight Word Sentences~ Help students master sight words and develop early literacy skills. ($)
Display only the Words of the month and have them write the words on a word keeper in their journal/folder to keep as reference throughout the year. This keeps the word wall fresh and not ignored.
Great sight word activities!
Crocodile Snap Game- If a letter is read correctly,students get to keep it. If snap is pulled, the cards all go back in the crocodile.
Fishing for the alphabet with ping pong balls Could adapt and use as a memory verse activity.
Sight Word Coloring
This can help the toddlers around the age three learn how to spell better than they do.