THis is an awesome website great reads and tips
#Photography 101 - tips and tricks
This is an amazing website for people who are new to DSLR camera use!
Photography-101 infographic cheat sheets perfect for any amateur photograper. These are really useful.
Another pinner says:I paid for a class about this stuff and forgot everything.  This is probably the most easy to understand dslr camera tutorial I've read.
10 camera settings you need to learn to master your Nikon (and 10 you can manage without)
Ponder your reflection. | 47 Brilliant Tips To Getting An Amazing Senior Portrait
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty   { Movies | Ben Stiller }
anual Mode - Where to Start
How to set up a digital SLR camera to take good pictures. ♥
How to use Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO Info Graphic | The Official London Photography Tours
How to photograph a Water Droplet without Flash
Tweet Tweet Having a fancy camera does not necessarily lead to greater photos if you don’t take time to understand what your camera really has to offer. This cheat sheet shows how to use your camera indoors and outdoors: [via Improve Photography]
Best camera settings for sports photography - step 3
Have you used manual Mode on your camera and was disappointed by the results? Here is a nice cheat sheet to help you out!
5 tips for DIY family photos including what to wear, camera settings, pose ideas, location ideas, etc.
Recommended Nikon D600 / D610 Settings
6 camera settings portrait photographers always get wrong
Best camera settings: how to set up your DSLR
Get that awesome blurred background with one simple automatic DSLR camera setting *I had no idea it was so simple. Trying this!
FSTOP  1 person = F/1.4 +  2 people = F/1.8 +  3 people = f/2.0 - f/2.8+  4 people (family session, bridal party, etc.) = f/2.8+  5+ people = f/3.2, f/3.5, f/4.0 +
10 tips for a stylized photo shoot by Maria Ibbitson via Click it Up a Notch
Camera Settings
Describes each camera setting in detail and what to use it for.
photography cheat sheet! how cool is this. i hope to finally learn how to use my camera, properly! RL
Blog Photography Tips | Photography Tips | Blogging Tips | How to set up your camera to shoot macro photography with shallow depth of field: aperture
Great blog series for people learning to use a digital SLR! She does a great job explaining things.
Street Photography in Dubai by Bjorn Moerman
Getting Blurred Christmas Light Pictures {Camera settings} Using Canon Rebel T3i/50 mm 1.8 lens Manual Mode Settings: ISO – 400, Aperture – f/1.8, Shutter Speed – 1/20
newborn photography ideas- includes info on camera settings for each shot. Sweet!
Best camera settings for sunsets
anual Photography Cheat Sheet.    Keeps you familiar with all your camera's different settings.    I've had my DSLR for five years now, and am sure I still don't know how to use it to even half of its ability.
11 photo lesson every pro learned the hard way: Shoot raw files
Cheat sheet! I've always been a fan of manual photography. I think it's more impressive to TAKE a great photo than to edit a photo to be great. Don't get me wrong though, I like editing software as well.
y Cheat Cards tell you exactly which Settings and Modes to use with your Nikon D3200 for a variety of Subjects and Scenes!