River Stone mini shelves/candle holders | great for all those leftover collected rocks from the trips to the beach.

River Stone mini shelves/candle holders | great for all those leftover collected rocks from the trips to the beach.

River stones used as an accent with a metal edge adds visual interest to an otherwise simple setup. The metal edging keeps the stones from spilling over into the landscape, and it also keeps the landscape from crossing over onto the pathway.
River Stone (back) - might be fun to make for a bird house or a fairy garden, if you do those things!
A.	Red jade (Crassula coccinea)  B.	 Echeveria shaviana  C.	Chinese sedum (Sedum tetractinum)   D.	Flower dust plant (Kalanchoe pumila)  E.	Turkish rosularia (Rosularia muratdaghensis)  F.	 Crassula pellucida
River bend table, 06/17/14. cherry wood, hemlock, river stones, epoxy
Like a stack of giant soft-mints: polished concrete staircase (meant to resemble river stones) by Robert Semprini.
wax rocks ~ heat rocks (river stones) in the oven or out in the sun, use crayons to draw on the rock and watch what happens.
Dry creek bed
River rock stepping stones . . .
How to use a dremel to carve rocks! Now I make my own river stone pendants!
Inexpensive backyard project. Can make these with Dollar Store river rocks and plastic or bamboo placemats. Stepping stones to a garden,etc.
Life in a Little Red Farmhouse: Farmhouse Hose Holder
DIY trellis with planter
Rock carving
Slate Petals river stone statement necklace by Jenny Hoople
Horses eating hay on rocks to keep feet clean - Angela & Kenny ...
River Stone Fold, Deadman Gill
This would make an awesome outdoor table..River bend table, 06/17/14. cherry wood, hemlock, river stones, epoxy...voor de gevorderden!
I absolutely love these. They look so realistic and they are really unique. I would love to have the river stones rug on my hard wood floor
Beautifully Unique! These should really sell fast for gift giving!I can't crotchet but i wish i could make these.
iver stone floor. mosaic sheets of this stuff are incredibly cheap per sqm at Bauhaus. Obviously there are some very empty river beds somewhere. Still, this with white and wood could be lovely.
swimming pond
Could do this on larger stones, too.
River rock garden wall
Ken Unsworth
How To Drill Small Beach Stones - Authentic Arts | Natural Jewelry :)
Traditional Garage And Shed by Three River Stone
Break the Rules  My motto--I put it where I want it and not where it "should" be.  I would love walking by this big beauty everyday and being able to see it close up instead of at the back of the border from the sidewalk.  I like a random look r
River Stone Nativity
AM SURE THIS IS A DIY Project (Black River Rocks, Adhesive Glue and an old carpet piece) Black River Stone Doormat Washed and polished river rocks are hand-applied with strong adhesive to a durable backing of indoor-outdoor carpet.
Lead me to the rock that is stronger than I || DIY for the home ideas / inspiration
ake your own drawer knobs. Those pieces glued to the stones seem to be called "well nuts."