color mixing science mystery

color mixing science mystery

Handprint campfires...could write their favorite camp song around the edges to take home so they remember all the words.
Color birds (color wheel theory): My first graders used red, yellow and blue liquid watercolors to experiment color mixing to create these colorful birds. We made the "blobs" of paint the first day and turn them into birds when they were dry.
I love this!  I usually do mixing play dough to learn the color wheel with Kindergarteners, but I may try this next year!
color mixing, acrylic paint, tutorial
This is a great simpler version of the color mixing mystery activity I did with my kids this week. This one is perfect for 2 -3 year olds!   An invitation to create color surprise eruptions for kids!
How to make fizzing, bubbling, beautiful baking soda paint.
Walking Water experiment (and colour theory/ colour mixing too!)
Color clay color mixing! someday I will make things out of polymer clay.... Someday
Bubble play and concoctions
totally stealing this idea...foreground/middle ground/background. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outcome and how you can go many directions with this. colors/designs/patterns...reminds me of romero britto lessons - similar process. plus love how you can incorporate c
Acrylic Painting for Dummies
How to make Your Own Color Chart for Watercolor Paints
Cookie Decorating: Color Mixing and Bag Filling
Fun twist on baking soda and vinegar science experiment.
The Hands-On Teacher: "Friday Science" Fun with Spangler!
Color mixing with light refraction. Simple experiment to learn about mixing colors AND light refraction.
ake your own Easter egg dyes with food color, vinegar and water.  This site gives color mixing "recipes" for lots of different colors.
What a fun way to paint Easter eggs. You can use this as a preschool color mixing lesson too.
Creator's Joy: Polymer Clay Easter Eggs, BUT this gives a LOT of techniques you can use on our jewelry.
Color mixing works are always a hit in the classroom. We progress through all these variations during the year, because while it seems like a simple concept, it truly is something that takes children years to fully internalize color mixing. And, while I d
ixing-Paints-Guide-Sheet colour mixing challenge for kids- can you make these? What others can you make create their own mixing reference charts
First grade Easter bunnies...I would use the background as color mixing review!
Teal & Pink!
Inspired by Matisse: Three Primary Colors: OK Go and Sesame Street Explain Basic Color Theory in Stop-Motion
An inspiring art experience that can be enjoyed by children (+ grown-ups) of all ages…
A nice rudimentary guide to mixing some colours with acryllics. This'll be handy for when I'm rushing wands and don't have time to slowdown and think of how to get to the desired hue. Someone should do one that's all different kinds of woo
Color clay color mixing!
The Awakened Artist: A Choice-Based Art Classroom: 100 Color Challenge
Giraffe, color mixing, printing and collage
Gorgeous watercolor greens
Learning in Spain: Easter bunnies and addition rainbows
COLOR MIXING ACTIVITIES - Use this to teach about color mixing, then assess your students' learning at the bottom of the page.
color mixing... this site is for fondant, but I'm think the color chart is pretty universal.
"Hands on" way to show kids color combos.
agic Milk--learn about color mixing. I love this idea from Life Lesson Plans. We will have to try it!
Crawling Colors! A FUN Science Experiment in Color Mixing.
Expérimentation: les mélanges de couleurs