Baby seal with mother | Frans Lanting Photography.

Baby seal with mother | Frans Lanting Photography.

Seal pup
I can't help but smile at this meme, every single time :)
Hello - aren't I adorable? Baby Seal you just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Photo credit: imgur
Baby seal for my baby seals =)
sea smile
Baby seal
Polar bears
Arctic Seal
Picture of sea lions underwater in the Galapagos Islands. Photograph by Sandro Lonardi, National Geographic Your Shot.
Harp Seal, Pup in Favorite Position on Its Back on Ice Pack, Nova Scotia, Canada     by Daniel Cox
Arctic seal nap!
Sleepy Seal...
llbwwb: “(via 500px / Galapagos Sea Lion by Ink Light) ”
Baby Harp Seal
I may or may not keep this up at work all night to keep me happy when customers are not.
A Beached Baby Seal Was Near Death Until These Amazing People Saved His Life! | The Animal Rescue Site Blog
Sandy the Seal
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Seal bento box #food #bento #lunchbox #kawaii
Oh are adorable
This harbor seal pup was found stranded in Seward, Alaska, in May, and when her mother had not returned 24 hours later, workers at the Alaska SeaLife Center intervened. They named the little girl Gouda swimming. The seal will remain at the wildlife center
Northern Elephant Seal pup being rehabilitated at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center
A harder role than being a birth mother. So true! I'm so blessed to have the best step daughter we are bestest buddies ♥ and the most amazing relationship :)
A harp seal from Canada cheeses for the camera.
Sleepy Arctic Seal pup
cuteness of arctic seal having siesta! ; ) (so sound asleep, so innocent, let's not as humans melt his ice & destroy his/her god damn cuteness : )
Naver blog : a lot of tutorial here
Best costume ever. I am dying.
Baby seal, "Blondie"
Sea lions