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Fox---Bellos ojos, mas bellos si ven bien. Controlate cada año. Lee en nuestro blogspot "Descansar frente a la PC " y otros-----
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So adorable!
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Just beautiful.
A wee fox cub #wildlife ha ha I did not change the caption on this repost
In winter, red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) meet to mate. The vixen (female) typically gives birth to a litter of 2 to 12 pups. At birth, red foxes are actually brown or gray. A new red coat usually grows in by the end of the first month, but some red foxes are
fox - beautiful & majestic. that expression makes me feel like I wouldn't be too surprised if it started talking.
Perler Fox Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprit
Red Fox...#18 (Explore on Dec 21, 2011) by Blackcat Photography*
♂ Wildlife photography animal Golden eagle having a discussion with Red fox (by Yves Adams)
Red Fox In A Light Snow
The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History photo exhibit “Wilderness Forever: 50 Years of Protecting America’s Wild Places.”
..what if, then, I had reared up baying, and followed her off into vixen country? what then of the moon, the room, the bed, the poetry of regret? ~ Lucille Clifton Page, One Year Later
Red Fox Mom and Babies
~~Fox Cub by Ivan Kislov~~
Red Fox Cubs by Steffon McGregor
Red Fox by Patrick J. Endres
By Robert Adamec
Lovely Red Fox