diy wall shelves cat tower

diy wall shelves cat tower

Seriously creative cat lovers on this planet. "Lurv it" is the correct blurb in this situation
Here's a condo your cats will love! From the folks at Auntie Em Creations
The 20 Best Cat Towers - Wow. Would love the tree house. Someone needs to start inventing cat furniture that goes with the human furniture in a space, though.
7 Cute Cats Enjoying DIY Projects Their Humans Made For Them | Apartment Therapy
A modern homemade cat tower by designer Ilshat Garipov first showed up on Reddit, and was shared by Home Tree Atlas.
i want a cat tree, but not an overpriced crap tree from the stores... i saw these cat trees on the road while driving through Harvard, looked them up online and now I WANT ONE!
Škrabadlá a mačacie stromy, mačka, mačičky, fotogaléria mačacie stromy
So this is for a purchased cat tower; however, with a quick trip to a home improvement store and Goodwill it can be home-made
What kitty wouldn't want this? Give your cat a really cool place to hang out this summer | Cat Condos, Cat Beds and other assorted Cat Furniture
Cut out squares in a bookshelf to create a kitty exercise tower. | 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier
This tall cat activity tree with hammock is specially designed for those who love heights. A great pole for up to four fully grown cats. The only problem you will have is who gets the top cat bed!
diy cat tree
I saved drawers out of our kitchen last year with the intent to create a cat tree out of them.  I had no idea that someone else had the same idea!
Hanging cat bed -- this would be so easy to make.  My cat would love this~!
* * WHITE CAT:  " Yooz better beast careful usin' dat wheel. Anyone coulds mistake you for a giant black rodent.
Cathouse - been reluctant to put up a bird feeder because the cats are such successful birders.  Now I can put up cat houses! Julie Forrest Palmer ...think Mr B.H. Would like this??? Haha
hicat indoor climbing pole
n my honor...: I spent the whole weekend making a scratching post...
Our cats would love one of these! I'd like my bed to myself once in a while, I'm off to make one!
Lack the space but want a kitty's an idea!
Cat climber that hangs on the door. Net idea
13 DIY Cat Tower Ideas
Cat furniture - article is not helpful, just pinning for the picture idea.
Amazing cat condo / box / tree !!!! Think I can make the bottom one big enough to hide the litter box. Maybe add a hinged door on the side of the bottom box for easy litter box access??? Keep the dog from hunting for "treasure" in the cat box. I
Kitty with Balloon
Round Up: 6 VERY Cool and DIYable Cat Trees » Curbly | DIY Design Community - - - I really like the ladder one!
Cool ferret toy- tower of fun! | The Holistic Ferret Forum
Cat Climbing Tower by TrendyCat Design
Amazing cat tower that they climb and explore from the inside, very pretty. Would be a great option as an exclosure in a shelter, I always feel so bad for shelter cats in their tiny homes
DIY: How to build a Cat Tree  (have fun, make it perfect for your cats and save a ton of money!)
Star Trek Cat Tree For Trekkies With Cats. Now I want a cat so I can have this. Wonder if my dog would like it?
Perfect kitty tower made with wood for scratching...
cat scratch trees | How To Make Your Own Cat Tower or Cat Tree
Outdoor cat enclosure with real tree cat tower... because I'm an overprotective crazy cat lady ;)
The 20 Best Cat Towers...i like the one displayed minus the pointy castle cones.
Don't know why I'm pinning this....I'm allergic to cats. BUT this cat bed/ cat tower is so dang clever! Cut holes in upscale storage boxes.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at